Wearing #TheClosetLover for Sunday. I'm loving this pair of #Keds too. It's very comfortable but the only issue I have is that it's hard to wear it.

#tclootd #kedsxkatespade

Bigman captured random photos of me in A's 8th birthday. The theme for my darling's birthday was #Pokemon this year.

Can you see the bday boy behind me?

Pokémon theme wall decoration!

With my 2 darlings.

The amazing jie baked this cake for him! So impressed by her skills.

#dayrefatties #dayrefoodie

Happie boy with all his birthday present.

We had some family time playing games with A while baby Z took his afternoon nap.

KOR managed to capture this! I think I'm really bad at it. Lost 4 out of the 7 games that we played.

Bigman brought me to a zichar stall that sells delicious food. I love this salted egg pork rib a lot, it's full of salted egg flavour & the rib is so tender!!

Missed the launch today, sorrie ladies!

I dropped by #LoveBonito in the evening!!

Tried this drop waist dress in prints. S fits nicely as usual but I don't think I can carry such prints!

Tried this skirt & I quite like it too. I'm worried I might not wear this skirt often since I'm not a skirt-person!

Tried this new maxi too. I think the cutting of this dress is nice but I don't fancy the prints. S fits with zero allowance.

Tried this too but I think the color doesn't suit me!!

#Chanel cafe is coming to Singapore!


This is the event detail!

They will only be here from 08-16 April 2017. I think you have to RSVP to ensure that you have a slot. I can imagine the queue to be super long!

I've RSVP-ed & I'm so excited!

How the cafe will look like!

Photo credit: DFD

Imagine a cafe filled with Chanel's lippie!!

You can choose to walk-in too if slots are full reserved! But I've expect a long queue & long waiting time since there's so many Chanel lovers in SG?

Tried Haakon for dinner. I love how all my favourites(steak, mushroom, avocado, tomatoes & corn) are being served in a healthy salad bowl!!

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