We just made booking for our air ticket & hotel for an impromptu trip to Bangkok!

Air tickets are so expensive for last minute trips.

So much talk about not traveling πŸ™„!

I've been very tortured by my tooth situation so Bigman suggested taking a holiday to reward myself for surviving the ordeal.

22nd March will be the 11th year we've known each other & being very particular about such date, I agreed to his suggestion.

We are celebrating belated in Bangkok~

After I'm back, I'll need to be more hardworking in finding a full time job. I'm giving myself till June to get a job & end my one year long break. I miss having a pay cheque & with our house coming, I need to earn some bucks & help Bigman out too.

Bigman is on leave till Thursday just to accompany me & ensure that I have food to eat. It's nice to have him around to slack together.

Bought their basic tee in navy. Wearing XS & I love how it fits me.

Bought the black version too!

#TsumTsum at Sembawang Shopping Center!!

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