Weekends are finally here! It has been a mad crazy 2 weeks.

I had time before CG so I went to #TEMT. The only thing that caught my attention was this pair of floral shorts.

The material is too thin for my liking. If I were to show it to Bigman, he'll ask why do I want to wear home clothing out!!

Wearing #TheTinselRack babydoll romper today.

Back detail of this #ttr romper!

Wearing my new shoe out today.

#keds #kedsxkatespade

Went to Watsons for the launch of Pure Beauty in SG.


They are a skincare brand from Korea. I love how they are fragrance & alcohol free too.

They are available in all #Watsons.

Just for this weekend, you'll enjoy a 30% discount. Also, you can get a complimentary skin analysis to find out more about your own skin.

Lunch was back at one of my favourite Soba place, Shimbashi-soba for lunch. I love their set meal because they have many varieties for me to eat.

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

Went to take #OOTD!

Dropped by TTR to try this too. It's made of very soft cotton & it's actually very comfortable. Only issue for me is that it's a little too short for me.

We went to try Dal.Komm Coffee at center point. Tried the Pink grapefruit juice with honey & it tasted quite good. Their trio chocolate cake tasted like the chocolate cake in Starbucks.

In the event earlier with the beautiful ladies.

Using this #Snoopy & #Kose limited edition night hand cream. My skin has been feeling dry, shall use this to see if it works.

Anyway, I must be more hardworking in my beauty routine. I'm a very lazy person who can go to bed without doing any night routine!!!

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