Wearing #LoveBonito top with #TheClosetLover mermaid skirt. I didn't expect myself to pull off the mermaid skirt.

#lbootd #tclootd

I love my Pom Pom earring a lot. I've bought them for quite a while but couldn't find any occasion to wear them.

Head down to the media launch of #BYOB which means <Be Your Own Beautiful>.

Many times, we tend to buy full size product & find ourselves not being able to finish it.

With this BYOB, you can get your favourite products in travel size for travel purpose or sample size items of products that you are keen to try out. This allows you to have a chance to use the product before investing in the full size version.

For SGD25, you are able to build a box of yours with 5 items. For SGD45, you can get 9 items!! I think this is quite worth the price.


They sell full size products of various brand too. I love how I'm able to spot many of my favourite brands coming under one roof. This makes shopping easier for us!

I spot my favourite #Guerlain!

Taking a photo of the box that I've created.

Be Your Own Beautiful~

I'm not an artistic person & with the limited resources & time available at the launch, I managed to personalize a <Mandalogy21> beauty box.

I love the idea how each box is unique because every female's taste is unique too. You can build a box that belongs to you!

These are the products in Mandalogy21's beauty box.

Picked up fragrance from #Lepetto, #AnnaSui & #VanCleef&Arpels.

Apart from Anna Sui Dolly girl, I've been wanting to try their other series. I'm glad they have the Secret Wish available so that I can try it.

Picked 2 essence from Guerlain to try as well. I love their make up series a lot & I've read raves about their skincare too. With #BYOB, I'm able to try their skincare before I invest in the full size version. Let's hope they are good!

The colors of these #Yvesrocher radiant lip crayon looks so prettie. I couldn't resist throwing these 2 into my box!


You can find BYOB pop up store at Suntec Tower 2 from 01st March. They will be there for 3 months so remember to drop by to experience this!

Been a while since we attended event together. Dinner was at #OliviaAndCo with our husbands.

Truffle fries which tasted quite good. I love the mustard/wasabi sauce that came with it.

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

I ordered Grilled beef Thai salad because the Sakura Truffle pasta that I wanted is out of stock!

Bigman's soft shell crab pasta. The soft shell crab tasted good but the pasta is too blend for me.

I'm quite disappointed with their food standard because they have a high dessert standard. I guess it's hard to find a place which excels in both?

Today's lunch was at #FatCow with Twinnie.

I love the interior design of the place.

Set lunch comes with Chawanmushi, salad & soup.

Bigman's slice wagyu beef & my Foie Gras with beef donburi.

So delish!!

Shortly after lunch, we went to fruit paradise for some desserts. It's a #EatAndGrowFatDay.

They have this new French toast added to the menu. I think this chocolate banana French toast tasted quite good.

Worn this LB playsuit out today. Love the cutting of this.

Saw #FashMob preview & I'm tempted to get these 2 items.

This looks good on the model but I'm always very skeptical about how this kind of dresses will look on me.

I like this too but I'm worried it'll be sheer!!

I've no time to drop by the store to try this set from #TheClosetLover but I'm so tempted to get the top & shorts.

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