I am very excited going for this #TsumTsum parade today. I hope they will fly my favourite Eeyore today. Eeyore is part of the Disney & TsumTsum family but he's always being left out. That upset me quite a bit.

Saw these & find them so true!!

Every single night!!

This always happen but not in IKEA!

#LoveBonito just launched!
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Thank God I carted this even thou I didn't try it on. The material & cutting is so good. It's slightly low cut but I think it's still acceptable.

It fits well with allowance & I think I found another favourite romper. The cutting creates a slimmer waistline & it makes me look slimmer!!

How the back looks like!!

Wearing LB's denim rope dress & #TheClosetLover white top for the TsumTsum event.

And yes, I'm wearing my Tsum Tsum shoe for the event. Feeling all excited about it.

So so so adorable!!

Lighting up of the event!

This will be open to the public tmr at Plaza Sing. Do drop by & have fun.

Playing the Line TsumTsum game in a 10 times bigger screen!!

Enough of Video spamming on my Dayre. Head over to my IG story(same handle as my Dayre: Mandalogy21) to see more.

My Media pass to the event. Thanks CapitaLand & Huntington Comms for having me.

The TsumTsum Cushion. I must hug my Eeyore to sleep tonight!

DIY stackable Tsum Tsum!

Can you spot the Eeyore? It's very rare for Eeyore to be seen at a prominent place.

Feels good to play the TsumTsum game on this huge screen.


Having fun with them!!

The 2 metre inflatable Tsum Tsum balloon that went from Bugis Junction to Plaza Sing.

This is MICKEY, a pity MINNIE didn't came out with him today!!

There's Piglet & Stitch.

There's Chip, Pooh bear & Olaf too! Why there's no Eeyore??!

I managed to take a photo with the balloons!!

You can print personalized TsumTsum name label at SGD2!

They have a play-doh area for kids to play and do some Tsum Tsum figurine!

I love the ezlink card that's given to us. So surprised to find it as a door gift.

I'm feeling very high, rewatching all the IG stories that I spammed & felt Happie with all the TsumTsum that I saw.

They have other activities that are on-going at the other CapitaLand malls too, so do visit them to have fun.

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