Next month will be my 8th month of not working.

To be honest, I do miss WORKING a lot.

I guess the saying of grass is greener on the other side is true.

When I'm working, I'll miss having a break. While I'm on the break, I'll miss working.

I know there's nothing much to fear about but it's scary to be without a job. Especially when everybody has been telling you how bad the market is. I feel like telling them, can you stop confessing the bad & negativity into my life even before I start searching for a job??!

I've always used my degree as an excuse for many things.

When are you going to give birth ah? Married 5 years right?

ANS: WAIT for me to complete my degree!

When are you going to get a house ah? I hear you get house like so long??

ANS: WAIT for me to complete my degree!

When are you going to start a career again ah? You left your team lead position for so long??

ANS: WAIT for me to complete my degree!

When are you going to get a license ah?

ANS: WAIT for me to complete my degree!

But now I'm done with my degree!

So many people, inclusive of my close friends, have been asking me to "JUST" give birth & be the Stay At Home Momma I've always wanted to be(in the near future, I think they must have missed this out)!

Psychology has always been my passion & I knew I wanted to do something related to children.

I mean, what's the point of giving up a stable career just to head back to school to pursue your dream/passion then ended up not doing anything related to it?

I've started sending out a few resumes in Jan, before CNY. Sent out another few in earlier February.

I went down to an organization & did psychometric test too. Was asked to fill up a more detailed application form from another. And now, I'm waiting for my phone to ring & hopefully someone will ask me for interview soon.

I've thought about it, if it's that bad, I won't mind doing something else that I'm interested in even if it's not child or psychology related.

I know age is catching up & many people are reminding me of it.

For the past 4 years while I'm doing my degree, my savings have not increased but decreased by a lot & I felt so sad about it.

I hope to work for 1-2 years before having a baby so that I can save back to my ideal saving amount.

I've to admit that I'm a great worrier & I tend to think too much at times. I'm thankful for a patient husband like Bigman who assured me in so many things & he'll show me actions to make me feel secure.

I hope I'll find a job soon! And yes, I'll be more hardworking in sending resume.

Anyway, the sua-ku me made my first purchase from #Shopee! I made use of the VISA cash back from #shopback to enjoy more discount too.


I can't believe that this acrylic holder with 24 compartments cost SGD1.70 only.

Buying this for my lipstick collection. I think it'll be easier to organize my lipstick and view them at a glance with this.

Bought this brush holder too.


Bought this silicon cleanser for SGD0.60 only!!

And this pocket size led mirror. Can't believe it's only SGD2??!

Ninja Van just delivered my #TheClosetLover sales items!


I love this mermaid cutting skirt a lot! I took M because I'm worried that S might be too fitting for me at the hip. TCL's cutting tend to be slightly small & I'm a S-M.

M fits well but it's very very loose at the waist with some slight allowance at the hip. I guess I'll just pair this with a tuck in top.

I love the lace design which is so nice in real life. It doesn't seem to be so vulnerable so I guess I don't need to be too afraid that it'll be damaged easily??

P.S: Please ignore my top, I'm still lazing at home!!

I was a little disappointed with the color of this romper but after trying, I guess I'm alright with it still.

The material for this piece is very good & I guess that explains why this piece is so expensive. M fits nicely with allowance. A pity that this romper doesn't have any pocket.

Full outfit from #LoveBonito today.


Dropped by #LoveBonito.

The sad thing about coming to the store on a Tuesday is that most items that you want to try are left with XS(too small) or XL(too big)!

Tried this top! The cutting is quite normal & it's quite lightweight. S is very loose on me. And no, I can't carry such prints.

Tried this shift dress too. There's only M size left which is too loose on me. I love the thick & structured material of this shift dress.

Tried this maxi in M & it's very oversized. The cutting emphasizes a lot on my bottom & it makes me look very heavy at the bottom!

Tried this midi dress & I love the purple on this dress. I'm wearing S & there's no allowance at all. There's no way you can eat anything with this!! But still, the cutting & material is nice.

I love this denim dress with rope!! S fits nicely & I love the cutting of it a lot. I think this is quite unique.

Decided to pair it with my top that I'm wearing today. And yes, I bagged this home!! There's no reason for me to say no.

First time at #TheTinselRack too!


Tried this romper which has a shorts hidden in it. I love romper like this which looks like a dress but there's actually shorts in it.

Tried the baby pink one too but I prefer the blue version. So I bagged the blue version home!

Dinner was at Tonkatsu by Ma Maison at Mandarin Gallery!

Do you belong to the Spicy or Sweet side??

Bigman's cheese tonkatsu!

Mine. I prefer mine to have egg & the special sauce.

#dayrefatties #dayrefoodie

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