#Theclosetlover online sales!

So happie that their website is still up & working!

Should I cart this??

And this pair of jeans too!!

Carted this!

And this skirt!

Let's hope they fit well!

Thanks @theclosetlover for having this sales.

We went to try Sakae Sushi Spicy Hotpot & it tasted quite good. The collagen soup ain't too strong & I love it this way. The collagen soup from beauty in a pot is too thick & strong for my liking.

#dayrefatties #dayrefoodie

Bigman went to tabao my favourite Kueh Chap back. After polishing off everything, I fell asleep for a good 3 hours.

Time to prepare for #SayItWithLove2017 picnic!

Wearing #FashMob top with my #LoveBonito shorts!

With my Bigman! He's busy checking the weather forecast because I'm super looking forward to the picnic but the rain, ☹️.

Yay! Thank God for no rain.

At the event! Waiting for KOR & my plus one to reach. I need their mat to expand our territory!!

My +1 bestie has reached, yayness to it.

With the family!

Huge movie screen!

Painting the wall that glows in the dark.

The very sweet Bigman prepared a cup filled with ice. I had cold ribena & coke for the whole night.

Heart shape tattoo!

Jie brought extra food from cafe!

A enjoying his painting of the glow in the dark doodle.

Baby z with his glow in the dark windmill.

Movie Under The Stars. I think all the adults & kids love Fantastic Mr Fox a lot. So nice to watch it again.

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