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Disneyland Hong Kong

Disneyland has been nothing but fun! This is my 3rd Disney visit & 2nd time in Hong Kong. Compared to Disneyland Paris, Disneyland Hong Kong’s crowd has been more manageable. 

We managed to sit at the front row during the Day Parade & caught the Night Parade too even thou we forgot about it. The little one enjoyed the parade a lot & we were all mesmerized by the beauty of Disney’s parade.

We didn’t managed to take any photos with the characters because the queue is too long. Weather at Disneyland was at 10 degree so we couldn’t bear much of the cold to queue. We attempted to queue for Mickey & Minnie Mouse but gave up after an hour because there’s still another 2 hours before we can reach them. The little one happened to fall asleep so we took the chance to take Disney tram & ride on my favourite Carousel.

Firework has been magical too even thou the cold was too much for me to take. It always felt magical to watch fireworks with Bigman & Twinnie! 

I guess we will be back to Disney very soon, perhaps not the one in Hong Kong? And I think we need at least 2 days to cover the park proper!

Till then, goodbye Mickey & Minnie!

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