Today is MON-YAY because I finally have a day free for myself.

Last minute called for impromptu lunch date with my ex-colleague. I was craving for the food from a place quite badly & they agreed to meet me for lunch!


Dropped by #LoveBonito!

Tried this top which I think has a cute cutting.

Look at the scallop cutting of the top!

S fits nicely with slight allowance. This top is lined so it isn't sheer at all. I love the slight peplum cutting of the bottom of this top which makes me look slimmer!

They made this design into a top too. It's made of light chiffon material & the whole top is pleated with slight peplum.

S fits nicely however do note that there is no zip for this top. You have to pull over it and there's a button for you to tighten the top near the neck area.

Tried it in the blue shade too and I think I prefer this color to the pink shade!

Tried this knitted dress too.

Material wise, it's those light weight knitted kind of dress. It's not body hugging but you'll need to wear seamless undergarment because the material is very light & it'll fall very closely to your body which might reveal the shape of your undergarment is not seamless.

#LoveBonito just launched!
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I saw this colorblock dress on rack & there's M size for this so I took to try.

Previously I tried the store exclusive color in S and it fits with slight allowance but the pocket outline is very obvious at the yellow color block.

M has more allowance & I felt that the pocket outline is quite obvious too even thou now with M size, the dress has more allowance!!

Tried this dress & I love it a lot.

Size S fits nicely but it's snugged at PTP. Length wise it's alright for me too.

I like the cutting of this dress because the cutting creates the illusion of a slimmer waist.

The only thing that stopped me from buying is that at the front of the chest, there is a hole/gap that's not sew. It'll open up for girls with bigger chest so you might need to put some tape to prevent it from showing whatever that can't be shown.

Tried this dress too. It's newly launched from today. S fits nicely with allowance. I love how the color contrast creates a slimmer waist too. Basically this is a good dress for work!

This is what I'm wearing today. The last time you'll see me with my long hair!

Snapped off 20cm of my hair!

I think I look weird in this short hair 😂!

Never mind, my hair will grow back again!

Admiring my super short pony tail! Bigman was shocked by how short my hair is now.

Forgot to upload this SGD10 Japanese lunch set at my favorite Cuppage center! It was nice catching up with my ex-colleagues too. It's always fun hanging out with them.

#dayrefatties #dayrefoodie

Ran 3km for this evening rundate with Bigman. I realized I have not run for 3.5 months, what a long break.

Nankhon kitchen for dinner! I love their coconut Tom yum soup a lot.

Can I say that their red ruby is so delish!!

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