Went for my last driving lesson before my TP which is happening tmr morning.

Crossing my fingers & praying that I'll pass!!

Squeezed out time to make a trip to #LoveBonito!

This caught my attention when it was launched but I wanted to try it on before purchasing.

I love the cutting of this dress, it's so flattering & creates a waistline. Material wise it's thick & structured.

S fits nicely with allowance but the only issue is that I don't think I suit such prints. I felt so tempted to bring this home because of the cutting & material.

Can they produce this in solid colors or other prints???!

Tried this culottes in this bright color too! Wearing size S which fits nicely. I'm not sure if this will be an easy to pair color! I'll prefer the forest color version which I already owned.

Tried this Yuciana Asymmetric dress. I love this purple shade of the dress. S fits with allowance but it's too short for me.

Showing more details of the dress. If it's longer, I might bag it home with me.

Another new launch for this week.

Another flattering piece with a good cutting which creates a waistline. S fits nicely with allowance & the length is not too short for me!

There's pocket for this dress too! Considering if I should bag this home with me.

Tried this dress too. How does the dress looks on me?

S fits nicely but it's slightly snug at the PTP. I love the comfy material of the dress and the mermaid bottom.

Should I get this?

Saw this on the rack so I just tried it on.

There's no more S size so I took M to try. M is too loose for me especially at the PTP. One good thing about this dress is that it's padded so you don't have to worry about what kind of bra to wear.

The pleats looks good but I don't like the stiffness of the dress!

Happy Valentine's Day to all!

I think this describes how our marriage is minus the 🤑 part. He's my Superman, solving all my problems, taking away my fears & sadness, pouring joy & happiness into my life.

I don't fancy flowers so every year Bigman will proudly tell his colleagues he doesn't have to spend on them. I'm not a fan of VDay too so we don't usually spend a bomb on a meal.

This is our 10th Valentine's together & I'm thankful to have him by my side.

He's generally very generous towards me. I mean I earn my own keeping & has my own savings. I believe in being a financially independent wife but I'm also thankful for a husband who is always so giving.

He paid for the whole Europe & Hong Kong trip which cost a bomb. I told him that's enough to cover Christmas, my birthday & Valentine's Day.

And I felt bad that during Christmas he has gotten me an iPhone 7 when I prepared a really small gift for him.

Like he always says, everyday is Valentine's Day to me.

On random days, he will offer to pay for my shopping, give me 💰💰 or pay for my expenses. So I guess that's why I don't usually make a big fuss or ask to celebrate Valentine's Day.

Worn my "I believe in ME" top out today again because it's too cold in HK for me to show it.

Wearing it to cheer myself for my TP tmr! I believe in ME~~

#Theclosetlover #tclootd

The Sushi Tei near our place has a super long queue. I went to queue at 6pm & went in only at 7.40pm. Bigman came only about 7.30pm due to the rain which caused a jam.

Rainbow roll from Sushi Tei. I realized it's unagi in it after it came. Bigman polished off everything while I had the topping of it.

#dayrefatties #dayrefoodie

Bigman was complaining that they gave half the usual portion of pork on Valentine's Day!! Can you see the rice with onion only??

As usual, he'll bring home a little surprise for me on every special occasion. I love this little #Eeyore!!

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