Time: 5.17am

I'll be feeling foolish during every morning flight. Like why did I book a flight with this timing to torture myself?

When it comes to the next holiday, I'll book early flight again so that I can have more time when I reach the other country.


Wearing #LoveBonito new dress with my all time favourite white basic tee from #TheClosetLover!

#lbootd #tclootd

#mandytravellog #HongKong #Dayretravellog

Our wefie!!

Flying off soon!

We have landed & I'm a Happie girl because I slept 3 hours on plane.

We are enjoying our time with this little one!

I regretted not bringing my trench coat & winter jacket. It's 12degree here & I'm freezing with my leather jacket.

I love this bridge a lot!!

#LoveBonito just launched!
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Lin Heung Tea House
162 Wellington Steeet, Sheung Wan

Nearest MTR: Sheung Wan

We didn't know that this tea house is at least of a hundred years until the uncles who are sharing the tables with us told us.

They are such nice people & it's rare to meet such nice & kind people who are willing to use their limited vocabulary of mandarin to converse with us. We felt very ashamed that our Chinese is not that great to understand them too.

Food are served in trolley. We went during lunch time & the crowd was crazy.

Bigman had to rush & snatch with the locals for food when a new trolley was being pushed out. The food on the trolley vanish within minute & everybody was so excited at the sight of a new trolley.

Their pork bun which has real pork in it.

I didn't managed to take much photos inside because the crowd was mad & we have limited space too. Even with a toddler in tow, I think it's still quite manageable!

Overall I think the food is not bad. Instead of giving process meat in their buns, they offered real meat with bones.

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

Greyhound Cafe

Location: IFC Mall One

Nearest MTR: HongKong station

Mini Twinnie took a nap so we went to check out Greyhound cafe!

Thai Milk Tea crepes cake which tasted so-so. It's too sweet for my liking & I prefer the crepes in Bangkok outlet.

Strawberry Zesty which tasted as good as it looks like.

My Strawberry pea tea which is blue in color. Very unique but the taste tasted like herbal tea. I gave up on the whole pot.


We took a cab up from IFC mall & it cost us HKD60!

With my Twinnie!

Someone photobombed me!!


Girls power!

We managed to catch the sunset & it was freezing cold at 8degree at The Peak!

Took a video of the sunset!

Victoria habour view from the Peak.

I was freezing like mad but the view makes it all worth it.

Our wefie! It feels so heartwarming to be watching sunset at such a beautiful place with Bigman & my close friends.

Took some photos outside IFC mall too!

Bigman purposely waited for a taxi to pass by!!

Our wefie! So happie to be sticking to him!

I didn't shop much today because we are all too tired out by the morning flight. Thank God the flight was a smooth one and the food served tasted really good.

I'm really not prepared for the temperature here. Bigman asked me to bring my winter jacket & other stuff here but I can't be bothered with him & his advice.


We went around looking for a jacket so that I can survived the rest of the trip. I'm glad we found this Japanese brand shop that sells very nice & quality clothing from HKD59-HKD299.

The black long jacket that I bought cost me only HKD99! I can't wait to wear it out tmr & take a clearer photo!!

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