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Budapest, Hungary

What welcome us in Budapest was a -2 degree afternoon with strong wind. The 7 hours of train ride from Munich was warm & enjoyable, I’ve forgotten it’s actually winter time so the coldness did caught me by surprise. 

I did not enjoy the food in our previous stop, Munich. I don’t fancy pork so it was quite a challenging time for me there. We went to a few famous places to try authentic German cuisine & what welcomed me at the menu is always PORK. 

After we changed to the local currency & checked in to the pathetic hotel, the sky was dark & all I wanted was a good meal. Thank God for this Mexican restaurant that was near our hotel. The steak & foie gras saved our trip! 

We went to the supermarket to get some essentials such as plain water, fruits juices & biscuits before calling it a day. Munich was cold but Budapest was even colder. Apart from the snow storm that we experienced in Berlin, I’ve to say that Budapest was the coldest city during this trip. 

I love how beautiful the hotel’s breakfast hall looks. I don’t fancy the food there but the beautiful place brighten up my morning. I love how we sat near the railing every morning at the second floor & enjoyed our breakfast leisurely while chit chatting.

The first stop for the day was Heroes’ Square. It was the best morning we had for the whole trip. I guess after the gum swelling incident, my mood was dampen & I wasn’t in the mood to enjoy the holiday anymore. 

Went to the argriculture museum nearby & you agree with me that this museum looks too gorgeous! It’s rare to see a medieval looking museum. 


We spent an hour at this pond near Heroes’ square. It was fun watching the duck swimming around & making annoying noise, seeing birds flying around & dogs roaming the street. 

After we were done with the park, we took a bus over to the foot of Buda Hill. We purposely get off a bus stop earlier to cross this beautiful bridge & enjoy the scenery that it offers. It was mad cold to be crossing the bridge with the strong wind blowing from the river. I don’t know why I agreed to do this.

We came to the foot just to take the Funicular up to Budapest Hill top. In the past, people do not have the money to drive up the hill. Neither was public transport available. So they built this Funicular to send workers who are working on Buda Hill up for work. This is one of the oldest & most traditional furnicular left in the world!

The view from the top was great & we managed to take a wefie too. We stood there for a while to admire the view before it gets too cold for us to remain there. 

Brunch was at Jamie’s Italian. We didn’t make any booking but thank God the queue wasn’t long. We sat at the bar table & waited for a short 30 minutes. The food tasted much better than the Singapore’s outlet. It was a nice hiding & chilling place too. 

We explored the hill area after we are done with brunch. Sunset was at 4.30pm so we went to take some photos before the sun set. It was freezing cold at the top of the hill but thank God I have Bigman to hug me & provide me with extra heat!

The night view was amazing & it’s worth braving the cold for it. After we took these photos, we ran to the bus stop & head back to the city for our River Cruise dinner.

The river cruise was quite a disappointment. The cuisine was supposed to be Hungary cuisine but there’s rice, potatoes & a lot of pork. Thank God for LIVE music played by a band of 4 talented elderly man. They built up the atmosphere & I love the classical music that they play. 

To be honest, I don’t recommend this river cruise at all. Not worth our money. 

The next day, it’s time to head off to London but we were caught in a flight delay due to the heavy fog in London. 

Budapest has been a beautiful city with rich history but I’ll prefer a cleaner city. 

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