The annoying drama that I'm catching made the Male & Female lead separate for 15 episodes!

And in today's latest episode, they finally met!!! I don't need to fast forward anymore, the past 15 episodes had been so boring!!

Anyway, time for #LoveBonito review!


Tried this dress that's being targeted by many in Weekly Staple this week.

There's Navy, White & Blush. I took blush to try on because I prefer blush over the other 2 colors.

S fits nicely with slight allowance. The cutting of this dress is very flattering too but the length is a little too short for me.

How the back looks like.

I think this is another new piece for this week.

S fits with allowance & I think this kind of chiffon top is meant to be worn loose. The prints is quite nice too but I think I don't carry such prints well.

Tried this peplum top.

S is very snug for me at the PTP but I think this top looks very flattering to create a skinner waist. I might consider getting this when it's launch.

Material wise it's not those thick kind of material. It's actually thin & quite suitable for SG weather. I like how it's thin but still structured.

Next up is this romper that I'm aiming from Weekly staple.

S fits me with a lot of allowance, I'm quite surprise that this romper is quite loose on me. It's not tight at the hip area too.

This romper is made of thick material, something like neoprene? There's red & Black available. I think red looks nicer than black for this.

Shall consider before getting it online. I don't really like the pleats area at the top!

This is a store exclusive block dress.

S fits snugly at the hip area. This dress is lined so it's not sheer at all. I'm not sure if it's due to the snugness, the pocket at the yellow part is very obvious. Maybe if I were to try M, the pocket shape won't be that obvious.

I think this is another new dress for this week?

A plain midi dress that feels like knitted material. I took S & it's loose all over. I think this dress is meant to be worn loose & not bodycon.

There's grey color available too!

One thing that I like about this dress is this detail here at the side. Dresses that are meant to be worn loose tend to be too "low cut" at the side. For this dress, LB added this detail here so that we will not expose our bra.

#LoveBonito just launched!
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Tried this mini dress which is way too short for my liking. S fits well & this dress is lined. I like the light weight material of this dress, very cooking for SG weather. But again, I don't think I can carry such prints!!

Dinner with momma & Bigman tonight. I'm loving the new tze-char stall that momma discovered. The crispy skin chicken tasted so good that I'm going back for more of it. I love this crispy skin chicken more than the 1-star Michelin roasted duck we had in Crystal jade.

#dayrefatties #dayrefoodie

Yesterday's Lou Hei!!

I'm quite impressed that this SGD20 curry fish head tasted so delish! This is one of the place I want to bring Big Man too.

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