DENTAL related issues are one of my biggest fear in life.

Or can I say that I have phobia of visiting a dentist.

Since the episode of swollen nerve in Europe, everything seems to be alright since I'm back in SG.

I discover a swollen small bump on my gum & there's pus & blood in it. I've burst it twice to clear it. The bump is getting much better now & it's left with a small lump with a small amount of blood & pus in it.

I'm not sure why but the fear creeps me tonight & I became so worried. I got so emotional, stress & depressed about it.

I know this sounded silly but I'm too fearful & my heart is not strong enough to hear any findings from the dentist.

There's no pain, sensitivity or any uncomfort from the lump apart from the fact that I can feel its existence there.

Bigman hugged me for an hour, gave me all the assurance I needed. He told me to keep the open wound clean since now the lump is left with a little bump. If it still doesn't clean up after our HK trip, he'll take leave to visit a dentist with me.

Thanks for giving me so much comfort & assurance. Nights like this makes me feel bless to have you beside me, dealing with my silly fears.

I love this silly photo of us from our Europe trip. This is how we looked like after not sleeping for 30 hours. And yes, that's how I look like without any makeup!


I hope that the lump will go down by tmr & there will not be any pus or blood.

And yes, I can be quite silly.

I have another giveaway starting today on my IG(@mandalogy21)!

My #TedBaker bag from KOR & jie! I love this roomy & big bag a lot. Can put in my camera & all my barangs barangs!

I have a full set of Labo Labo Super Keana(worth SGD114.60) to be given away.

Do drop over to my IG to find out how you can win this!

So I called wifey's momma & daddy since they are both dentist!

Auntie picked up the phone & I identify myself to her.

She's like oh girl, what happen??!

I describe to her all the situations & she assured me that since the lump is almost 90% gone & there's no more pus & blood for now, I just need to take care of the wound. If the lump doesn't come back, I can just ignored it.

In the worse case scenario, I'm heading to auntie & uncle for rescue after my Hong Kong trip.

I felt more assured now after speaking to her over the phone for 30 minutes.

Sigh pie.

Tooth issues have been following me since I was a kid till now. Sensitive gum, tooth lacking of certain calcium & so much more issues.

On to happier stuff, aiming this from LB this week!

I managed to convince them in the name of "Mini Twinnie" that we need to make a trip to Disneyland & they agreed.

I'm coming back for you again #HongKong Disneyland!!

This was us in HK Disneyland in October 2012. I remembered the whole park was quite empty, the mascots were grabbing us to take photos with them. You won't believe it that apart from another family, nobody was around to take photos with Mr & Mrs Mouse, unlike Paris Disneyland.

This was us in Paris Disneyland in August 2012. We had to queue 2 hours in the Mickey house just to get a photo with Mr Mickey. I was quite disappointed that Minnie Mouse is not "at home".

Dropped by #TheClosetLover again!


Before I post my reviews from 2 of my favourite brands, here's my #OOTD for today. I love how roomy this Ted Baker bag is, definitely my favourite bag when Bigman is not around.

And the #LoveBonito crochet shorts, it's so comfy & nice!!

S fits with allowance everywhere. I have to say the mermaid cutting looks good but the translucent part looks weird to me.

This mustard romper is a restock. S fits nicely with not much allowance. It's quite comfortable but I've too many of such.

Tried the Jalden top too since I didn't get a chance to try it previously. I took M to try because the cutting of the top looks small. M fits with allowance so I guess, stick to your usual size. The side is a little loose for me & you can see my bra from the side for this.

I wanted to try the skirt in white because the white one looks good. But no trying so I can only take the pink one to try. M is too loose for me at the waist & hip. I don't fancy the pink one because it looks weird on me.

Went for a reunion dinner with my ex colleague. I miss them so much, miss the good old days in office!

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