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London 2016/17

London is one of my favourite city in the world but this 4th visit hasn’t been kind to me. Spent my countdown to 2017 catching the over-rated fireworks & ended up with a swelling gum on 01st January 2017. I have a long list on my itinerary but I’m unable to fulfill them due to the pain that I’m suffering from.

Nevertheless, we went ahead to take the special edition Christmas lighting bus tour. The Christmas lighting in London didn’t disappoint us & it’s worth us braving the rain for it. I’ve never seen any Christmas lighting that’s more beautiful than this. A pity that we reach London after Christmas, if not I would have added another Christmas market to my list. It’s great spending Christmas and countdown in Europe, the atmosphere is different & we get to experience a different culture. 

And yes, countdown in London is far much better than the countdown that I had in Paris. I’ll definitely be back in London again. 

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