I worn #LoveBonito cheongsam to take some photos with this bouquet of flowers c/o Simply Blooms.

Think I look very weird in it so I decided to retake them.

I hope I'm not the only one who looks weird in cheongsam. During my wedding, the designer in Z-Wedding also commented that I'm one of those rare face that can't take KUA or Cheongsam.

I was quite tire that day when we went to take the photo. Tiredness was all over my face 😩.

I'm surprised at how lasting the flowers are so I took another set of photos during CNY since we found a nice spot with good lighting to take photos.

I like the second set of photos more because I look more fresh. It's the second day of CNY & I'm in a Happie mood after spending time with my family!!

I'm doing a giveaway on my Instagram(@mandalogy21) together with SimplyBlooms.

Head over & find out how you can win this bouquet of flower for yourself or for a loved one!

How the flower looks like!

#LoveBonito just launched!
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Loving this dress a lot!!

I have to share about the new arrival from #TheClosetLover!!


I went down wanting to try the top & this skirt.

The top is made of thick quality & I took XS to try since their previous plain color top I bought XS as well. This top is meant to be worn a little loose and size XS fits nicely at the Shoulder part.

And the skirt! It's actually a skort with a shorts hidden underneath. The material is very thick & white is not sheer at all because it's lined & there's a pair of shorts in it.

Very unglam but look, it's a skort! I don't have to worrie that the skirt will be too short on me or I'll be exposed when I bend down.

I love love love this a lot!!

Tried the navy color too but I think I prefer white for this.

I don't have any white bottom & this will be my first. This outfit will be going over with me to HK!!

For the skirt, I'm wearing M. S fits me with zero allowance. I'll prefer something with allowance so I took M.

In both photo, I'm wearing M size which is quite loose for me at the waist area but it's fine when I tucked in my top.

Dinner was Nandos Food tasting with Twinnie's family.

We each ordered a signature drink & I love my sparkling apple.

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

I love the chicken wings in Nandos. The first time I tried them was during my honeymoon in London. I love them in HOT peri-meter!

Mini Twinnie is showing you how finger licking good their chicken tasted.

Here's me with my food.

I need to catch up on my sleep, not sure why I'm waking up at 8am every morning. Shall try to sleep in more since I have the luxury to do so now.

Anyway, thanks for Nandos & TGF for having me over. Bigman ended work quite late & he was overwhelmed by the amount of food we had.

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