Dropped by #LoveBonito yesterday late afternoon too.

I didn't have the chance to take OOTD today so I took a clearer photo of my dress today in the fitting room.

I really love this dress a lot & it staying in my wardrobe FOREVER!

I'm glad I dropped by LB store because I found the Larresse Crochet Shorts, last piece in S! I'm even more glad when I managed to fit into it with allowance. Really love this shorts a lot & I bagged it home. Thank God there's no defects for it.

Anyway, I tried this top too. S is too snug for me at the PTP. Don't fancy the cutting of this top. Top is not sheer.

Tried the shorts with this top. There's no more S on rack so I took M to try & it's too loose on me.

Tried this dress too.

It's another bodycon dress that's not tummy friendly. S fits me well with zero allowance & I tried this before I have my dinner.

I saw many girls looking good in this. There's no more S on the rack so I took M to try. It's too loose on me & you can see my bra from side view. The front is too low cut for my liking too. This is one of those cutting that will make me look pregnant!!

So glad that this stall is finally open. We went twice during CNY & it's not open.

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

Wearing #FashMob kimono top again, love this top a lot!

Took photo for #DanielWellington advert too.

Purchase any watch & be entitled to get a free heart charm. You can use my code: <17Amanda> to enjoy 15% off any purchase and this is valid until 15th March 2017. If you are getting it as a gift, they have a special pink vday wrapping so remember to request for it!!

Lou Hei again!!

Fishtail braid today! Love it when I have the luxury of time to slowly do up my hair.

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