Went to Ang Bao river with kor's little tribe! It was crazy trying to go there with 2 kids but we had our own fun too.

Look at the massive crowd!!

Decorations at floating Platform.

I started using the new pressed powder from #JillStuart today. I'm quite upset the previous version was discontinued.


When you open it up, the first layer is a brush that comes with a holder. I guess the only thing that I like about this new version is that the brush is separated from the powder which makes it more hygiene.

The new pressed powder. You need to use the brush to pick up the powder then brush it on your face.

I prefer the old version where you use a puff & apply the powder to your face. It's definitely less messy than this.

Decided to use Jill Stuart's limited edition lippie too. Got it in Hong Kong in November last year but I've yet to use it till now.

I love bright colors like this. I'm thinking of getting a coral one from Jill Stuart to try too.

How the color looks on me. Love this color a lot, it's like my favourite color tone for lippie!

Day 3 outfit in my #LoveBonito romper. Wearing coral lippie today & I love it.

Going for a retro look today with my hair band & coral lippie! I'm slowly exploring the #NYX lippie that I've gotten from their Christmas advert calendar.

We went to eat Ramen because I've a voucher that's expiring in 2 days time.

Finally some non-Chinese food, I'm so sick of steamboat especially those with HDL soup! Every family I went to has HDL mala soup~

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

Took some #OOTD too!

I like this photo a lot but my hair is so messy!

Tea break at this cafe outside of LB store! I tried their apple chamomile & I quite like the sweetness of the tea.

Took more #OOTD at the shophouses!

I love this too!!

Dinner was at Picnic, newly open place at Wisma.

I love the decoration of the place but it's being flooded with CNY decoration.

Too much CNY decoration~

The food ain't fantastic at all. My truffle mushroom soup was quite bad, I didn't even finish half of it.

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