Thanks for all the birthday & CNY greetings on Dayre.

I love it too when I received the birthday greetings of all my close friends via line/WhatsApp. My Facebook is private & I only have 300+ friends in it so I'm very surprise when I receive most of my bday greetings via WhatsApp. Totally prefer personal message sent this way rather than on fb wall. That's how I wish my friends too!! I guess you reap what you sow.

Anyway, thanks for all the ❤️. I really appreciate them.

Going to be a busy day because relatives are coming to our place later. Bigman has went off to work & I miss having him around.

Home #OOTD! Wearing my #Adidas teeshirt.

Did my hair & makeup while waiting for my cousins to come. You know how family with 2 boys will always be late? Especially my KOR~~

Our huat huat yusheng!

Hai Di Lao steamboat again!

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

Changed into my day2 CNY outfit. Today wearing #LoveBonito super reddish & CNY outfit.


This is by far my most RED & CNY outfit ever!

We decided to do a mini photo taking every year during CNY for memory purpose.

Test shoot with my Z-BB!

With Bigman! Thank God he knocked off early & managed to join in the lunch & Lou-hei with my family.

My little pikachu!

Kor's little tribe!!

With the 2 boys!!

TAN-LIN family photo! It'll be so nice to take this yearly then watch how the kids grow. Hopefully in a few years time, we will add more members to this photo taking!!

Funny pose!

Our SWAG POSE with Z-BB looking totally lost!

The very sweet KOR with his very sweet wifey! Love them both.

Thanks for being the example for us in marriage. What it meant to be in love & happily enjoying marriage despite all the differences & downs.

With my jie who turns into one of my bestie! So thankful for her in my life.

With my KOR KOR whom I love love love!

We are actually cousins but I grew up under his care because I stayed with my yiyi when I was a baby till teen. He used to talk about how I grew up with him changing my diaper & bathing me. And yes, we do have quite a huge age difference that's why he's tasked to take care of me.

I love to follow everywhere he goes & even when I'm so old le, I still do that. And I dare say our relationship is so much closer than a lot of siblings!

A little late but Mr & Mrs Lin wish everybody a Happie 🐣🐥🐔 year!

This is how the true self of how we look like!!

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