Came out of shower & saw the other lights being set-up by Bigman too!

I'm loving the lights a lot.

It's CNY eve & I woke up all excited about it.

I'm not sure why I didn't catch the launch of this shorts. Must have missed it when I'm in Europe.

Looking for #LoveBonito Larresse Crochet Shorts in S. Brand new condition!


What I'm wearing today for reunion dinner. Wanted to wear the black babydoll dress from ASOS but I decided to wear some colors to make the elderly Happie. Not that they mind but you know when you turn up in something that they like, they will always be happier!!

Bigman is working this CNY & I guess I'm quite used to his kind of work. That's why he always say he has to pamper & spoil me rotten so that when scenario like this happen, I won't give him the death stare & black face.

Oh well, at least I have my family with me. And he just knock off to spend CNY eve & my birthday tmr with me.

End of the day, I want to be a supportive wife. And I'm very very proud of what my husband does. He's my Superman!!

Look at what my momma-in-law bought for me! Mei mei loves #Eeyore too so she bought 1 for us each.

#OOTD! I love the clear blue sky.

Round one with my in-law!!

On the way for our second reunion meal! Forgot about wearing lippie today but I think it's alright since we will be eating at all the house.

Short reunion dinner with my favourite boys!! So happie to see them & can't wait to spend time with them on second day of CNY.

I earn angbao still from my second reunion dinner even thou I'm married. I think I'm blessed that the elderly in our family will still give to the young ones before we give birth.

Only #wefie we had for the day! Happie to have him with me rushing around. I know he's not someone who likes festive like CNY but he's still doing all of this rushing with me because I love festive like this!!

Watching those CNY movies on Channel U with Bigman while counting down to CNY. He asked if I'm keen to go out & watch movie but I'm too lazy to head out. I prefer to slack in the comfort of my house, watching the good old movies & snack on my favourite snacks.

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