Dropped by #lovebonito in the late afternoon!!

Wearing this top in S and it fits with slight allowance. I like this top a lot but I don't foresee myself wearing it after CNY. So I put it back to the rack.

The shorts is from LB too, S fits nicely too but I don't like the cutting of it.

Tried this off shoulder lace dress because I saw many girls looking good in them!

Size S fits me well with slight allowance but the length is very short on me. If I were to squat, I'll be "exposed"!

There is an inner lining with the lace as the outer layer. The lace seems to be quite vulnerable & easily torn because it's not those thick kind of lace material. I think you have to be careful when it comes to lace.

And I don't think I can carry such material too!!

Tried this crochet dress too! I love this unique shade of green.

Wearing size S here & it's too loose for me at PTP, waist & hip. But I guess shift dress is supposed to be loose all over? Length down it's quite short for me too.

The crochet part is quite thick too!!

Tried this dress which I had a lot of similar cutting at home. I thought mustard looks unique but don't think it suits me for this cutting. This dress is lined & S is quite loose on the waist & hip area which it fits at the PTP.

Tried this lace off shoulder playsuit too. Prefer the navy over white since I've already gotten the other white lace playsuit.

S fits nicely at the PTP & hip but I think the cutting makes me look FAT!!

Tried this top too. Wanted to try the black version but there's no more S in store so I tried the blue one.

S fits loosely but I think the cutting of this is supposed to be slightly loose too. The material is very soft & smooth but I guess such design is not my kind of stuff. Looks weird in it!!

#LoveBonito just launched!
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Dropped by #TheClosetLover next & thank God the queue wasn't long.

#tcl #tclreviews

Tried this dress that's out of stock when it's launched today?

There isn't any size S left so I took M to try. It's too loose on me & I didn't even have to unzip the side zip to wear it.

Material is very thick & this is really a pretty piece. Compared with the first version of pleated dress that they had, this was so much better & nicer. Definitely a good buy!

Tried this white babydoll chiffon dress too.

S is slightly snug at the PTP but overall I love this a lot. The white chiffon has lining & it's not sheer at all.

Since I have capitalmall vouchers, intend to head to the Bugis outlet to see if this is still available. I think the babydoll craze is not yet over for me!!

Braved the rain to collect my ASOS parcel from singpost & decided to walk over for my favourite laksa. So shiok to have a bowl of delish & hot laksa in this raining day.

#dayrefatties #dayrefoodie

My #ASOS loots!

I love this white #Adidas tee, XS fits well here but it's quite long. White is not sheer at all!

I love this basic black babydoll dress. UK4 fits nicely & I guess it's only such cutting that I can fit into UK4!!

This tee dress which is too short on me! Going to wear this as a top instead.

Yesterday dinner was at Fort by Maison Ikkoku.

Bar counter seat!

We had Omakase dinner of 12 courses & a customized cocktail.

They tied a balloon on my chair to indicate that I'm the birthday girl.

Some of my favourite dishes from the 12 courses Omakase. We are very near to CNY so they did a special fusion menu.

I love the yu-sheng a lot, especially the plum sauce that came with it. The oyster with cheese was good too! So many nice dishes that we were quite full after 12 dishes!

My gift from my boo boo! She got me the Lancôme serum because I told her once you hit the BIG3, I must start using anti-aging products!! And the Eeyore, I love it so much!!

LB's sales page is win updated and I'm aiming this but no more S. Many items do not have size left.

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