I don't usually post photos of my close friends or babies but I think this surprised advance 30th birthday planned by Bigman deserves a post for memory sake.

He planned my 25th surprise bday at MAC & that's a special one because it's my last birthday as a MISS.

To be honest, I wasn't expecting much this year because we are just back from Europe for a week & next week is CNY. So it really take me by surprise when everybody appeared at the function room of Kor's condo.

My birthday falls on CNY day one so no choice he has to throw the party advance by a week!

Simple decorations did up all by Bigman & a few friends. I love balloons so they went to get a lot of helium balloons flying around.

Poor Bigman has to carry the huge helium tank alone!

Birthday cake specially baked by jie cause I love her New York cheese cake.

They wanted to put 30 candles but decided not to spoil the cake.

My God-son went "mama, mama" the whole day.

My super adorable mini Twinnie! She went "Auntie Amanda" the whole day too. Thanks for always showering me with so much love.

My darling Axel boy. Forever the first love in my heart. He seems a little upset that there's quite a few kids fighting for my attention.

My dearest baby was the last to wake up & he needs to finish his milk before we can start the party. I love the way he call "GuGu ah"~!

Side track!

We were in a grab car when suddenly the taxi in front of us e-brake. I flew right off my seat & my left arm hit the driver's seat very hard due to the e-brake.

It was a slight pain at a small area but at 11ish before we sleep, the pain area seem to grow. At 4am, I woke up with a pain that's unbearable for me.

My forearm felt like it was experiencing muscles ache but a hundred times worse. Poor Bigman had to use the muscle rub to help me massage till I managed to fall asleep.

I didn't know it was 11am when I woke up & ask momma to help me apply the muscle cream. The weather is so nice to sleep in but I don't want to sleep too much in case I have issue sleeping tonight again. It's nice to be chilling at home on a rainy day like this!!

I felt like "Auntie Popular" because all the kids are fighting for my attention. I love love love love all of them, they are like the precious in my life that brighten up my everyday.

And I share my candles with them!

With my Bigman!

Our 10th year together & you are still giving me surprises in ways that I don't expect at all. Thanks for loving me so much, always putting my happiness first. I'm blessed to be called your wife.


With my precious Baby A! Gugu can't tell u how much I love you. Despite having all the babies & even in future having my own child, you'll always be the special kid in my life.

I'm thankful for this dear friend of mine. We have seen how each other know our individual partners to getting married and now, he's a father!

And baby T is such an adorable baby! He even slept in bigman's arm during Christmas service!

With my Twinnie's family! I can't wait for our trip together in 2.5 weeks time.

And thanks for all the love you have poured out towards us for the many years!!

Silly things that we as twin do together. And yes, we are the morbid twin that loves to watch murder show & read biography of serial killers & discuss them together!!

My best buddy! Thanks for letting me name your son & making him my god-son.

My precious god-son! God-momma loves little choo-choo.

My "son" & wifey with her bf!

They are another constant in my life. From my 21st birthday to my surprise proposal at 24th to my surprise birthday at 25th and now, my surprise 30th birthday.

It's a big privilege for me to be in a large part of both your life.

Welcoming our big 3 together this year!!

Silly things we do after the party!!

Group photo missing T family because they have to leave early for CNY dinner.

Thanks for the love!

Thinking about last evening still put a smile on my face. How KOR bluff me to have dinner over at his place, how jie ask me & actually did shopping with me before bringing me back to their condo where everybody was gathered at.

How Twinnie was telling me they are tire & need to head home to rest for the day & all.

Tsk tsk tsk!!

Heading out for another birthday dinner!!

Wearing #LoveBonito again & my all time favourite white top from #TheClosetLover!

Aiming this top from this week's launch!

Having another birthday celebration with my boo-jie aka curtain ma! I love the omakase dishes so far & the customized cocktail too.

They tied a "Happy Birthday" balloon on my chair to indicate that I'm the birthday girl!! And thanks for celebrating my bday with me.

When you LINE your husband that you are stuck in ulu-fort-canning & no cab/Uber/grab wants to pick you, he's the HERO when he managed to get a GRAB.

It was pouring cats & dogs, nobody wants to pick us up from Fort by Maison. We waited for 40 minutes until somehow, Bigman makes magic.

So glad to be home in this weather!!

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