Forgot to post this that I took with @whitechoco @wang_hx at the event ytd.

Wearing #FashMob kimono top today with a simple black legging for church & some fammie time!

This top is quite flimsy so the front part kept opening. I tried to tape & secure it but it doesn't really work. If the material is more structure, I think it'll be nicer!

Yay or Nay for this new collection?

I'm heading down to spend some time with KOR. I've not seen the boys for a month & I miss them but I'm feeling all sleepy at the same time too.

Let's hope I'll survive today!!

I love to take selfie on train because the natural sunlight makes your skin looks ultra good!

This is how Dior lip glow pink looks on me. It looks very natural, adding a natural pinkness to my pale looking lip. I can feel that my lip is not so dry as compared to putting on normal lip stick or lip gloss. Can understand why it's the favourite of so many girls!

My pink balenciaga & #Dior lippie!


The sneaky Hub gave me a surprised 30th birthday.

Caught by surprise when I see my close friends at the same place giving me a surprise birthday.

Feeling very tire but super high from the party! Shall update tmr.

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