#LoveBonito just launched!
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Their website is loading so slowly & I can only load 2 new items so far!

I brought out a phone with 25% battery & an EMPTY portable charger.

Good job Amanda~

Was at #Dior event earlier on with @whitechoco @sabsoh @withlovefromhope @wang_hx @msjotan @sodapopp @yuniqueyuni

There was a live make-over session whereby the pretty model gets her makeup done by 2 makeup artists.

The first makeup artist did her face makeup & we get to learn the correct way of putting foundation, concealer & even blusher.

This is the second makeup artist which did the eyes & lip for the model. I've to say she blended the red eye shadow very nicely.

Their signature perfume!

Group photo with the girls. Each of us bagged home a Lip Glow in either pink or Berry!

Taken earlier at Dior event!

Another photo taken!

We must be mad crazy to hit town & squeeze with the crowd for some CNY shopping.

The deals at Takashimaya is good & Bigman bought <Happy Call> pan because it went from SGD168 to SGD68.

I'm heading back to trim my fringe at Jean Yip while he's going grocery shopping. I love home cooked dinner on a raining Saturday evening.

And I'm so happie to find this at the 7/11 at MBS! Wish I could find this at the 7/11 near my places.

Bigman's new toy: Happy Call grill pan.

My steak! I love it when he cooks because I'll always get my favourite steak done the way I love it.

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties


My favourite garlic grilled corn!

If you are looking for ideas on Valentine's Day, you can check out this picnic service provided by happypicnickers(on IG & Carousell).

They do up various setting & I think it'll be nice to have a picnic setup like this at marina barrage for Valentine's Day!

What I bagged home today because the girls are raving about this & how it became part of their daily makeup! @wang_hx looks good in this today too so I ended up with lip glow(pink)! Going to use this tmr.

#dayrebeauty #dayremakeup

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