Ever since I've stopped working, it seems that I've became the queen of procrastination & ill-discipline.

I woke up at 9am & I can actually leave home at 10ish so that I'll reach town at 11am to shop & try on whatever I want before the lunch crowd came in.

But I have to drink my milk & breakfast slowly, watched an episode of the variety show & procrastinate till momma reminded me it's 11am.

So here I am, heading to town to meet the lunch crowd. I hope the queue at the shops ain't going to be too overwhelming!

Dropped by #LoveBonito & left the place 💸💸.

Tried this but only M is available. It's very loose on me & it's too short for me too. I tried to squat & you can see a little of my backside.

Tried this dress too.

S fits me nicely with slight allowance. I like this Crochet material & color but I don't fancy such cutting!

#LoveBonito just launched!
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Tried this dress too. S is quite loose on me. I don't like the cutting & design of such dress, always makes me feel weird.

Tried this off shoulder dress in S. The PTP is too snug for me while the rest fits me nicely. This is consider short for me so I'm giving it a pass.

Tried this tied cropped top. How does it look on me? I saw people tying the sash at the front but I think it looks weird on me.

How the bow looks like at the back. Still considering this top.

I love this lace boxy top a lot!

This is not sheer at all with an inner lining & the outer lace part is made of good & thick material. It's not those flimsy kind of lace which will get hooked to things easily.

Wearing S here & there's allowance everywhere but I think this is not supposed to be tight fitting. Totally love the fit & color of it.

And yes, this went home with me!

Tried this top too but I think it looks weird on me. Lace & pleats look a little weird together.

I saw someone holding on to this so I decided to grab one and try too.

Best choice ever because I love it so much. S fits me with slight allowance. Overall, I love the cutting a lot. The material is similar to neoprene & it's has a weight to hold the structure of the dress.

And blush is such a lovely color for this so I bagged this home. I need to get some work clothing for future work!!

I bagged another top home too, 3 items in total worth SGD119 & I paid using UOB to enjoy SGD20 off. And no I didn't try the third item which I bagged home because the fitting room queue is too long.

I told my momma-in-law I wanna eat yusheng so here we are at Sushi Tei together with meimei-in-law for a girls night out while Bigman is still at work.

#dayrefatties #dayrefoodie

I think sushi tei has the best yusheng!

After all the shopping, we had the super sinful blackball.

Before I forget, this is what I worn today. I miss my off shoulder tops & shorts a lot!! This white top from #TaoBao is one of my Best Buy ever!

This is the third item that I bagged today. I love this Torrin Crochet Strap Top a lot, not sure why I didn't spot it earlier. By the time I saw this, the queue was too long for me to wait & my Grab is arriving soon. So I took the risk & bought this without trying.

Took M instead because the PTP looks small. M fits me nicely at PTP while there is allowance at the waist area. I love the cutting of this top & how it makes me look slimmer too! Definitely another good purchase.

This top arrived today too & I like this a lot. Bigman loves this top too & he kept giving praises for this. Did a review for this before so I'm skipping it.

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