I'm feeling much much better now! So glad that I woke up with no pain in the throat or a runny nose.

But J.E.T.L.A.G is real~

I'm sleeping at 2-3am every single night since I'm back while Bigman is able to sleep at 11ish.

I think this sticker is very applicable for me!

I just carted SGD100ish of items from Sephora because they give me SGD25 off for my birthday month.

My #LoveBonito parcel came yesterday but I wasn't well enough to try the clothing.

I have a 15% off so I carted this Marsica Midi Dress since S is still available. S is very loose on me but thank God it's not sheer at all.

I prefer to pair it with a belt to create a waistline!

#LoveBonito just restocked!
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For a girl who suffers from chronic asthma & doesn't do any PE or sports before, it takes a little increase in every training session for her to be able to complete her running races now. Indeed, applies to my running journey. You are unable to rush, hoping that just a day of training will bring you for a race.

Likewise, a little act of reduce, reuse or recycle in our daily life goes a long way in preserving our Mother Earth too. And yes, EVERYBODY can do their part by taking a little act of the 3Rs to help conserve the world.
If you love to run & want to do your part in conserving our environment, sign up for this run via http://incomeecorun.sg where they promote running to ZERO WASTE. Use the promo code XXINCOMEKOBE to enjoy the run at a discounted rate!

This is the 8th year that this run is happening. One of the highlights is that every runner will be given a handheld water bottle where you can refill the water you need & cut down on wastage on the disposable cup. Nothing is better than being able to do your favourite running & at the same time doing your part to conserve the earth. So sign up now today!


You can read more about my running log on #mandyrunninglog on how I started running 1km all the way till 10km too!

Had a long day & now doing some CNY grocery shopping with Bigman & momma. Apart from Christmas, CNY is my second favourite festive. Can't wait for it to come even thou my bday falls on CNY day one, which means not much shops are open.

And this is half of our purchases😅.

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