Monday blue is real for me even thou I'm not working(yet).

I woke up in pain with the unbearable pain in my throat. In fact the pain started torturing me since last night before I head to bed. Poor Bigman had interrupted sleep for consecutive 2 nights. I think he's one of the most patient person I've known.

I was whining quite a bit in pain & feeling tire. Despite feeling equally tire & having to wake up early for work today, he stayed up with me till 3am before I managed to fall asleep.

I scheduled a driving lesson with circuit this morning. It took me 20 minutes before I decided I will cancel it & sleep in.

And yes, I've wasted 💰💰 because I have to pay the uncle & booking of circuit. Felt so heart pain about it because one of my secret resolution for 2017 is to be more prudent in spending my 💰💰.

Anyway, I earned a few more hours of sleep before my day begins. I've eaten medicine & force down 1 liter of water. Let's hope I'll be better when I wake up.

I know I will be.

3 hours of sleep did some magic. The pain became more bearable & I'm definitely feeling better to continue with the plans I made today.

I need to head down to LB store followed by some shopping in town. I'm blessed that momma passed me SGD150 Takashimaya voucher while I received SGD80 Capital mall voucher as Christmas gift.

I guess the shopping can wait but LB store can't. Been almost a month since I stepped in.

Oh, there's nice chirashi-don for dinner tonight with my girlies too.

Doesn't help that the rest of this week has been packed & I don't want to squeeze in town with the overwhelming crowd on weekdays evening or weekends.

#LoveBonito just launched!
@sh3rifoo @felicetsy @sabsoh @huilin__ @whitechoco @sxnoonlush @ruthneedsmoney @sodapopp @lovingmumz @bowiechuah @Allicsirpy @teebeijia @acrxtheuniverse @jerine @cheryllee @linettewhz @saudaded @cherylxong @imalittleteapot @itsmekarenn

Carted this!!

Launching E.V.E.R.Y.D.A.Y~

Someone please save my wallet.

Heading out! Wearing the #NYX butter gloss lippie that I bought before I fly.


Took my own sweet time to hit town & now LB store is so crowded 😓

The queue at TCL is very long & I'm rushing for a dinner. Shall come back another day again.

I saw this hanging on the rack so I went to give it a try after all the raving about it.

Viola, this is the only item that went home with me tonight. Even Bigman agreed that this is nice, it's rare for him to say floral design being nice.

What I'm wearing today! Love this pair of culottes a lot.

Dinner was at Manzoku for our belated Christmas dinner.

We had Australian wagyu beef & Tako ball. The beef wasn't as tender as we expected it to be.

#dayrefatties #dayrefoodie

Chawanmushi which tasted quite blend.

Both @doooduuu opted for Chirashi-don. The sashimi are too thick for our liking & we couldn't finish our rice.

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