I've back in SG since last evening & home felt a little strange to me. I guess 20 days is too long a trip, I shall not attempt it any time soon. I hope I won't eat back my word again because I've done that 3 times!!

Bigman dragged me up at 2pm & I'm in a "dreamy" mode now! I hope my body is adjusting well to SG timing.

Anyway, #ASOS 18% off everything! I'm doing some shopping now, let's hope I'll be clear minded enough not to cart too many items.

Added this into my cart!

I like this but the length down looks very short!

Another fuss free dress added!

GBP10 after 18% discount! I can't say No to this.

This set looks good too but it cost GBP85 for both top & bottom.

Carted this #Adidas top too!

Added this too since I don't have a navy tee in my wardrobe.

I guess the babydoll craze is not over yet!

Happie to be back to my tees & shorts. I miss wearing my casuals! Bringing my #TaoBao bag out for the first time too.

Went to eat Macdonald for late lunch + dinner just to get this. Initially we thought that Prosperity burger set meal will entitle us to the red packets. When we collected our food, that was when we realized that only the Golden Prosperity burger set meal will entitle us to the red packets. So ended up, we ordered an additional set just to get this red packet!

It must be the jet-lag bug that's making us blur!

Opened up my #LoveBonito parcel!

The toga part is too loose on me so it's quite a disappointment. Going to return this.

Received this too! Have tried it previously in the store & I love it a lot. Shall be wearing this during CNY. Or I hope I'll be able to resist wearing this before CNY.

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