Good morning!

I woke up thinking about Belgium!!

Anyway, today is shopping day in #Amsterdam. Let's hope I'll be able to find my pink NMD or Chanel items!

I've seen Green, Pink & Yellow Chanel boy in most of the shop. According to the SA, this is the seasonal color.

I'm considering the pink but honestly I don't think I'll carry a pink bag that often. No point getting something that I don't really want right?

#Amsterdam is truly beautiful. We are at a neighborhood area for brunch & the houses still look amazing to me.

#dayretravel #mandytravellog

At Amsterdam's famous cafe: The Pancake Bakery!

This cafe is situated in an old warehouse which is being converted to cafes.

Sauces available at the pancake place!

Coffee to start the day.

Our pancake & French onion soup!

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

They sell the mix & match #Furla bag where the body & flap are sold separately!!

You can buy any of the colors that you want & create your own bag. This body here cost EUR150 after discount. They don't sell the flap here so I'm not sure how much it cost.

Spotted another Primark here but the design available here are dog & lion!

Went around searching for the #AdidasNMD that I wanted but couldn't find the color that I want. Most common color here in Amsterdam is these 2.

And these! I realized olive & camo are commonly found in Europe.

Kept seeing this around & I feel so tempted. Should I get this instead if I can't find NMD in the color that I want?

Admiring the beautiful scenery!!

Took some photos too while on the way to brunch area.

He's so happy that he finally gets to eat ice cream in such a cold weather!

We signed up for a Red Light District tour & I'm feeling all excited about it. Apart from it's beautiful houses, I guess Amsterdam is well-known for its prostitution trade as well. I've learnt a lot about it during sociology classes, this is the first time I'm walking in one of the world's famous Red Light District!

We were introduced to the World first condom shop!

Entrance to the Red Light District. We were warned not to take photos inside so there's limited photos.

It was an exciting walk~~

There are 8 small iconic statue around Central Amsterdam & one of them is in the Red Light District.

Rumor has it that this was actually the "secret hidden work" of their former queen but till date, nobody knows who did all of them!!

We were not supposed to take any photo but I managed to snap one without any girls.

Each door leads to a small room with just a bed. From what we were told by the guide, the girls will head to the nearby "personal security office" to request which room they want to rent & start their "business" in there. It will cost them EUR150-200 for an 8 hour shift.

When the girls are ready for business, they will pull open the curtain & stand there waiting for man to approach them.

They are not allowed to step out of the door to "pull business". However, they are allowed to "seduce" their "potential client" from the inside. We have seen quite a number of rooms open for business & some of the girls look very prettie with a super hot figure.

Due to the high rental rate, it's not cheap for man to visit them too. The base price starts from EUR50 for a 15 minutes to EUR200 for a 30 minutes. Prices will go up according to what you want the girl to do.

This is a very interesting experience to see the Red Light District of other country especially when we get to see how businesses are close.

The girls seem nice & some even smile at us. The guide told us that the girls are all relatively nice even to tourist like us but the moment we want to take their photos or attempt to take their photos, they can be very aggressive. He has seen how stubborn tourist who came on their are being smacked by the girls when they try to take their photo!

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