Anybody has any recommendation or must buy products(apart from bath bombs) from #LUST?

Is Catastrophe Cosmetic good?

I think I want to buy more stuff back to SG since it's so cheap here!!


6.50am Dublin time

#LoveBonito launched an hour ago! Thinking about this but not sure if I can carry this color.

I bought these Seventeen lippies to try too since they are on sales at EUR5.99 each!

#Dublin #dayretravel #mandytravellog

On the way to airport now & I hope I'll get some good deals there.

Anyway, I've seen this #Furla bag going at EUR130 and I feel so tempted. I have a blue one at home so I'm not sure if I want another one.

There's mustard, blush, black & other colors.

Will it be too crazy to get another one here??!

The view we get every time when we walked home! Goodbye beautiful Dublin.

I dropped by Chanel yesterday and they have not much design available. The SA told me that during this Christmas & start of year, most designs will be OOS because this is the period where people will shop & spend. Restock will usually happen during mid-January, which is a little too late for me.

Bigman is quite surprise that we have passed the half way mark of our trip & I've not bought any branded yet. I guess I have everything that I needed so I won't wanna spend on unnecessary.

You can get a huge Burger King burger with angus beef only at overseas. The burgers in SG is too small that at times, I won't feel full after eating their double mushroom Swiss burger.

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

Before I forgot, this is the airport bus which travels to most part of the city. They have 2-3 airport bus routes so do check out which number covers the place that you are staying. You can place your luggage on these racks and sit on the seats.

I quite like the idea of airport bus. Makes traveling so much easier than pulling our luggages in train & up/down stairs.

I don't see our luggage being loaded leh!! 😱😱

Or was it loaded before we board the plane?? We have priority boarding pass so we were the first few to board.

I hope it's not lost luggage!! Very paranoid about our luggages when traveling on domestic in Europe.

Beautiful sky!

Hello Amsterdam!

Beautiful sky & the sun is out!

It's -1 here!

#Amsterdam is such a beautiful city! Been a while since any city sets my heart beating this way. Can't wait to enjoy & see more.

Having lunch at this beautiful place. Should be lunch together with dinner.

My pot of mussels with fries & salad. I think I had an overdose of mussels but it's so fresh & delish. I think it's a little overpriced at EUR28 but I guess we are paying for the ambiance as well?

Heading for their annual water light festive event!

Wefie with Bigman!

The weather is super cold with the negative temperature. Feels so nice to be in the cruise feeling warmth & admiring the views!

Wefie with Bigman!

The weather is super cold with the negative temperature. Feels so nice to be in the cruise feeling warmth & admiring the views!

Water Display.

This is a colorful nest!

Turning "hot"~

Some heart beat alike!

Amsterdam's flower: TULIP

Famous view where you can get the view of 7 bridges at a go!

3D floating house!

Rainbow bridge for the gay community!

The little lights on the river.

Part of the light festival showcase bicycles which are lighted as well.

Bicycle is one of the main mode of transport here but when it's spoilt beyond repair, people will just dump them into the canal. So for the cruise to happen, the government went to clear the canal & found many bicycles in it!

There are 500 pieces of light art pieces being submitted & only 30-50 pieces got selected.

I'm proud to say that this art piece by a group of Singaporeans are being selected!! It's a concept of showing people how the roots of trees are like which is liken to how a citizen's heart is to their nation.

The little lights on the river.

If you ask me, I think that this water color cruise is quite a disappointment. I was expecting more but apparently there's so much they can offer.

Laser was used for the first time & you can hear the people on the cruise getting all excited while we are giving the 😓 face when a mini laser show came about.

Still, it's quite an experience to have!!

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