It snow-ed last night while I'm sleeping! Bigman opened the window in the toilet & saw the snow.

#Amsterdam #dayretravel #mandytravellog

I'm wearing 5 layers today because Amsterdam is so much colder than the other country with negative temperature & strong wind blowing. I hope it doesn't snow today if not I'll be super cold.

Boring hotel breakfast!

I miss my roti prata, Yakun, carrot cake, laksa & many local food!!!

Snow covering 60% of the ground!

Beautiful houses in Amsterdam!

Today's itinerary is a day trip to Burges in Belgium. It's actually an UNESCO protected place due to the original medieval design. I've seen beautiful photos of it before & I'm quite excited about visiting the place myself.

Snowing along the way!!

Finally reach Bruges in #Belgium & it's such a beautiful place. I have to say this little town in Belgium is much more beautiful than Amsterdam. So amazing to see it with my own eyes as compared to photos.

Beautiful houses along the way for a short walking tour & lunch!

Waiting for my food at the lunch place recommended by our guide!!

We had another round of seafood lunch in Belgium too. Apparently, mussels & fries are very popular here.

This time round, we had mussels cooked in white wine which tasted very fresh.

Prawn cooked with butter & garlic. I think Bigman can cooked better than this!!

We were given 3 hours free & easy to walk around the place. It's a pity that it rained the whole time that we were there. We could have seen & done more if not for the rain.

Can you see how foggy the whole place was? It was raining the whole 7 hours that we were there & it was freezing cold!!

The beautiful bell towers are hidden in the fog. We wanted to climb up the bell tower but decided to forgo the plan since it's too foggy to get a bird-eye view of the place.

You can see more of the bell-tower!

Look at how beautiful the buildings are. There are many other beautifully design buildings around but the rain made it hard to take photos of them. I'm happie that the fog cleared for a while for me to capture this!

Belgium is also the land for chocolate so I have to find my favourite Godiva chocolate there!

To our surprise, Godiva is very very affordable here as compared to Singapore. We ordered a cup of dark chocolate & it cost us EUR3.00!

The Dark Chocolate & Milk Chocolate bar cost EUR5.00 each while the 18 pieces of square chocolate cost EUR7.00 only. Regretted not buying more back!!

This is another favourite brand by the people in Belgium. This brand is made famous by their King who personally loves this brand a lot.

We went in to try some & find that they tasted so-so only so we ended up walking out empty handed!

This little town here is also famous for their swans!

It was said that in the past, King of Austria(who was ruling Belgium) wanted to increase the tax for Brugge so he sent his right hand man over to make the announcement. The people of Brugge knew about it so they killed him when he arrived.

The king was angry so he sent many swans over to this little town. Till today, many swans can be found all over in this place!

The many swans that has became part of the tourist attraction!

Look at how foggy the place looks like in the evening. When the church bell went off, I told Bigman that this place looks like Silent Hill!!

Taking a photo with the silent hill background!

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