12.07am in Dublin!

I will be spending the last day in Dublin here doing some shopping. Under the influence of Bigman, I'm going to get a pair of #Adidas #NMD!

Which color is nice? I have the monochrome slipped on so I'm consider full white. But will it be hard to maintain? I don't know if Camo print will be nice on me too.

#Dublin #dayretravel #mandytravellog

10am! Felt so good to be able to wake up naturally.

6 degree! Bazhang is ready to head out.

I miss my shorts & off shoulders~~

Visited Trinity College Dublin, University of Dublin.

Their examination hall.

I wish that our examination hall was as nice as theirs during our bible school days.

They will be an examination happening in 30 minutes time & the atmosphere is so intense in the hall even thou the students are crowding outside. This really reminded me of my bible school days where we had to take so many exams and Theology paper was quite a killer!

The beautiful library which reminded me of Harry Potter!

At this famous cafe for brunch & I'm surprised to find that the owner is actually a Chinese couple. And this Irish guy that is helping out in this cafe speaks mandarin too. In fact, he speaks better mandarin than me. I think the owner is very happie to see Chinese.

It's rare to find coffee art in Europe!

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

Irish full breakfast which tasted so delish!

If it rains & you need shelter!!

I went to at least 10 shops that sell Adidas but I can't find the pink one!

Finally found a #LUST & bought this Lavender bath bomb at EUR5. The stuff here is much cheaper as compared to SG.

Look at how pretty this bath bomb went!

Happy feet moment! I think I'm addicted to hot bath.

I bought this Mask of Magnaminty mask to try too. I've check the website on SG & this cost SGD29.00! I only paid EUR7.95(SGD12.00) only.

Smells weird but I think it's still acceptable.

Trying the mask now.

I applied a generous layer & left it there for 10 minutes before using warm water to rub & wash them off.

My skin feels cleaner & brighter after washing it off. The cooling mint effect is quite nice too. Think I will get another one to bring it back to SG.


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