Went to the pharmacy & asked for the correct dosage to take for Ibuprofen. So after 2 correct dosages, the swell went down by half & the teeth no longer feels sensitive or pain. I need to take this for another 2 days before the swell will be gone completely. As for now, I need to keep my mouth & myself warm & not let any extreme cold triggers it again.

Bigman cooked cream of chicken soup as breakfast for me before we leave. Thank God for Dublin we will be staying in bnb where he can do some cooking again!

#London #dayretravel #mandytravellog

I'm quite upset about leaving London just like this without

– Musical
– Harry Potter land
– Any Chanel box(okie this will be compensated at other parts of the trip)
– Photos with London bus, Big Ben & Tower Bridge.

Not like I've not done all of the above before but I feel even as a third trip, there's still so much to discover about this beautiful city.

So I told Bigman, on the first birthday of our firstborn, we have to bring her to Disneyland at Paris then make a visit to London!

And no, we are not intending to start a family so soon yet but I guess this is to make myself feel better about missing out so many stuff.

View from our beautiful apartment!

First time sitting in our balcony after staying here for 5 days. The balcony has such a nice view and it was a pity that I wasn't feeling well to be out here admiring the city.

The sun is out today but it's super cold at 1 degree~

Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all??

We just ran from Platform 1 all the way to Platform 14 in less than a minute with our luggages & poor Bigman has to carry our luggages up the long stairs. I'm glad to say we managed to catch the airport express~~

What an adventure!

Admiring the sky of London! It's quite sad that we don't intend to come back to Europe anyway. I guess 5 trips are more than enough & it's time to make plan to visit the other side, USA.

I guess I'll always love Europe more but it's still too early to say since I've not been to USA before.

But still, London~~ 😭😭😭😭😭

On the train! Can you see that the swell has went down by a lot??

Bought this #Tedbaker clutch for GBP15! I found my CNY bag.

Bought this small card holder for Ted Baker at GBP7.50! Since I can't find the Chanel design that I want here, I'll just use this for my small bag. It looks so prettie in real life.

I love the grey shade of the internal!

Having a quick lunch at this Wonder Tree cafe at the airport before catching our flight.

Thank God our flight was delayed for 15 minutes, if not I would have to rush to eat my lunch.

Bigman's fish & chip!!

My Japanese breakfast rice bowl which tasted really good.

There's my favourite avocado, salmon & egg in it. The unique sesame & ginger sauce tasted good too. Been a while since I had rice & comfort food!

For all of our domestic plane, we had to walk in the ground & it's such a nice view to see. We just watch a plane landed & its such an experience.

Saying Hello to my pink Samsonite luggage!

I can't wait to do shopping in Dublin because so many people have been telling me it's cheaper to shop there due to the tax refund!

Above the sky!!

It's so cold here in Dublin & the wind is so strong~ I hope the wind is not so strong in the city.

I travel on public transport when I'm in Europe because their taxi prices are ridiculous. Uber prices here are super high too & I'm too cheaponana to pay GBP70 to get to the airport from where I stay when I can get there in express train at GBP8.00 each.

In #Dublin, get a LEAP card at the airport. It cost us EUR19.50 for 3 days unlimited ride. We are taking Airport Express out & per ride will be EUR6. So it'll be more worth to buy 3 days unlimited instead of individual tickets.

This place looks very modern & city, we like!

I love this cosy, new & modern B&B a lot!

The wooden door is the entrance to the unit & the rooms are separated. You'll come in to a small corridor in your own flat.

The corridor taken from the living room door!

The living room with a big dinning table & balcony!

I love the furnishing of this house!

Kitchen is connected to the living room!

Our bedroom on its own!

With a balcony too!

You have to tap your card on this machine beside the bus stop then you wait for the train to come & board!

They do not have underground & all their "train" is actually tram that look like this.

Mark & Spencer is our favourite in Europe because of the wide varieties of food. How I wish we would have the same variety of food back in SG too!

To keep us going for the next 3 days here!

Our dinner from Mark & Spencer!

4 cheese Ravioli, Double cheese mash potato & Beef lasagne.

We came home early to rest after shopping for an hour in Primark & Forever21 because shops here close at 6-7pm. Also, we have a full day trip starting at 6.50am.

Owl found at Primark in Dublin ✌🏻!

And this shoe! They look so pretty IRL & feel so comfy. Couldn't resist bringing a pair home. Can't wait to wear it during CNY!

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