Took Ibuprofen & the sensitivity went down by quite a lot but my left face has swell up, full blown.

I don't intend to see a dentist here because I don't feel comfy enough to see overseas dentist.

Things related to teeth has been my greatest phobia & I hope this will go away soon & is caused by the cold here & nothing much.

Regretted putting ice pack, now the super pain is back😭

Swollen face 😢. Feels like a chipmunk now.

Heading out still with a swollen face! Can't waste my last day in London.

Chipmunk smile! Trying to be positive for my last day in London.

Ever since I came here 2 years ago, I'm very determined to bring Bigman here because I know he would love the food here.

Despite the uncomfortable that I'm having, I'm glad I managed to bring him here & my London trip is considered complete even thou I've not watch musical or see tower bridge.

Shroom burger with their signature lemonade & fries.

#london #dayretravel #mandytravellog #dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

Can you see the swell!! I'm glad I took like 5 bites of the shroom burgers & ate up all the fries. The speed I'm eating is super slow & the girl next to me kept looking at me as thou I'm some alien.

Went to find my favourite candy shop but it has changed name & design in the shop. I'm glad my favourite sour hard rock candies are still there!

They have changed name from GreenWood & Hope to Sugar Sin. You can get a jar at GBP5.00 & squeeze in as many as you can.

Bought this jar of sour hard candies for my +1. We found this shop together during our Europe trip in 2015 & I promised her to bring back some for her. A pity her favourite sour cola hard candies is not available!!

I bought a bag of candies too but because of my swell, I can't eat them yet! Can't wait for recovery so that I can indulge in them!

We went to the 5-storey tall Hamley Toy store where they sell literally all kinds of toys.

They have so many toys & items from Star Wars, Lego, Princesses & many other cartoon. I couldn't resist bringing this baby Eeyore back, too adorable to leave him there. I love the rainbow & cloud on him, looks like he's join the Care Bear group!

Went into Chanel but it was a disappointment because they don't have what I wanted.

The items available are so limited. You won't believe that they only have like 5-6 designs available & all are the seasonal drama kind.

Went into another Primark but only find Unicorn, Elephant & Reindoor. Sorry @whitechoco, I couldn't find rabbit in this outlet.

I'm not sure if they only sell 2-3 designs in each outlet & it's impossible to find all in an outlet? I'm missing the Owl in my "wanted list" if not I would have gotten the whole set that I wanted.

My #Revolution loots! Bought a lot to give to my girlies too. Too bad each the stores that I went doesn't have too many palettes in stock, if not I would have bought a lot more.


Our Marks & Spencer dinner.

The initial plan was to go Hyde Park for Winter Wonderland but I wanted to come home early to rest. So we went to M&S near our place to grab some food home.

My Eeyore that I bought from SG & the newly added to my Eeyore collection!

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