Happie 2017 to everyone!

It's 2am here in London & I've just returned from the countdown! I'm feeling super tire & I don't think I'll wake up in time to go squeeze for the London New Year Parade!

I ended up with 803 photos & a 12 minutes video. Need some time to sort out the nicer ones before I share.

#London #dayretravel #mandytravellog



Can you spot the heart shape?




To be honest, I think the firework is very disappointing.

I'm expecting something more due to the high rave I read online but I guess you have to pay for the expensive tickets before you get the full & splendid view. FYI, the tickets for the full view cost GBP350 & above each. No way I'm paying this price just to watch firework.

We stood 3 hours along the river side in winter & it was freezing cold when the cold wind blows. Going home was a pain in the neck with the drunks & weird people. Certain train stations are closed while train service stops at certain station instead of the usual. I'm happy to be back on bed & yes, I'm skipping the New Year parade.

Anyway, I'm glad that this London's countdown is much much better than the countdown that I had in Paris. They don't even have firework at all!!

I woke up with a very sensitive nerve & it's making me feel so uncomfortable. Bigman said that it's because I have a big filling so the cold weather agitated the nerve.

Let me continue with my shopping loot yesterday since my nerve sensitivity makes the gum swell & I'm unable to sleep!

The misc stuff from Primark.

This is a big acrylic drawer which I've been searching for quite a while. When I saw it going at GBP7.00, I turn to Bigman and ask if it's visible to bring it back. The crazy husband ask me to just buy since we have luggage space!

My rabbit loots. I only managed to find the rabbit hot water bag & the sheep version. I'm heading to other outlets to find the Owl & Unicorn too. Let's hope I'll be able to get them.

The rabbit sweater is for mini Twinnie. We will be heading to HK next month & it'll be very cold so we got her this!

And that rabbit soft toy blanket, it's for me!!!!!!!!! I can't resist 😬.

Some of the clothing for the kids! Pikachu for my Axel & Zayne, think they will look adorable wearing the same clothing during CNY! My God-son is recently crazy about Spider-Man so we grabbed him a few items too. A pity that the full Disney Spider-Man suit is left with big sizes!

Disney sleeping wear! They cost GBP5 each & feel so comfy.

From their drugstore, #Revolution eyeshadow & Loreal newly launch Gold lipstick!


The new #Loreal Gold Obsession!

Gold lippie!

Shimmer & gold!

My face is swollen on the left due to the sensitivity of the nerve in my tooth. It's hurting quite badly & pain killer doesn't work because it's sensitive & not pain.

Bigman cooked ginseng chicken for lunch since we wanted to rest in more before starting the day. This man, he brought herbs, chicken stock & stuff over just to cook.

#dayrefatties #dayrefoodie

Revolution Smoky eye palette!

Inside! Shall do a swatch when I'm free!

The painful sensitivity is not stopping me from heading out!!

Winter wonderland!

We went to meet Mr Dinosaur at Natural History Museum! It makes me feel a little happier to be out in my favourite place(aka Museum) even with the swollen face from the nerve.

Tooth sensitivity is so painful & it's one of the thing that I dragged the most.

Wefie with Mr Dinosaur!

We went to take the Christmas edition Open Top bus just to see the Christmas lighting at the main areas.

It was raining the whole night so we still went ahead & worn raincoat.

Night time will be much colder than day time & with the rain, it's making me feel super cold especially with the nerve swell.

The top covered seats were full so we had to take a seat that's half cover & half open. So poor Bigman had to brave the rain & use his frozen finger to take all the photos & videos!

I think this angel is the best Christmas decoration that I've seen before. Second time going down this road & I'm still amazed & overwhelmed by the beauty.

This is the musical theater for Harry Potter & the Cursed Child. According to our guide, tickets are OOS till further notice. You can try to get tickets from "black market" but it'll be like GBP5000??! Sounds so ridiculous right?

London Eye & Big Ben in a frame! It was raining quite heavily so we didn't take out our camera. So all photos are taken with bigman's Samsung phone.

Big Ben aka Elizabeth clock tower!

I love this bus tour even thou it's raining, I'm freezing cold & my tooth hurts like mad.

Along the way, there's many other decoration that's so beautiful too!

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