I guess most of us unknowingly adopt the "Grass is always greener on the other side of the fence" in certain area in our life.

This flight delay in Europe made me think hard about how some of us tend to envy people living in countries with 4 seasons while people living with 4 seasons will envy us, countries with sun all year long.

I have to admit that I used to admire people who lives with 4 seasons because the idea of Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter sounds good & interesting.

For people who have experienced winter, you will know how unbearable to cold can get & the inconvenient that it brings.

Flight delay, train services not functioning, road blockage due to heavy snow pour & I can name you many other inconvenient winter brings along.

But for people who have yet to experience winter, they might have the fantasy & dream of how fun & cool it'll be.

In life, we tend to compare & have the mentality that the grass is greener on the other side. In a way, we make unconscious mental comparison on our mind. They don't see the hard work or effort required to make the grass seems greener. They just see on the surface & have that judgment based on that. They don't get to experience the life of another & assume everything is good.

I always believe everyone is fighting their own battle, be kind anyway. There's no need for sarcasm or negativity.

If there's a sentence to sum up my #my2016, it has to be "Let Go & Live Life".

2016, I decided to slow down both my pace & my thoughts just to take a break.

After I've slow down, I've learnt to be more thankful & contented for the little things in life. I've learnt more about my girlies & even family members, making more time for them instead of focusing so much time on work & other stuff.

I'm not sure if I'm making sense for my summary in 2016 because it's 1.40am here in London and it's equal to 2.40am in Budapest.

My brain is dead & I couldn't think too properly too!

My very beautiful bnb in London with full length glass window. I think I regretted making this "act smart" move.

The ceiling is much higher than normal houses & with the full length glass window, it's taking the heater forever to heat up the house.

It's freezing cold in the house!!

I love the decoration!!

Just woke up & realized #LoveBonito has launched! Thank God this is still available!

8.30am London time!

I'm fully awake while looking at my husband snoring on bed still. I'm thankful to have him by my side as I end 2016. Can't believe he's actually away for 4.5 months for a work trip, it felt as thou he didn't leave me at all.

Actually this dress looks good hor but S Navy is OOS 😭.

What a stunning news!! They are one of my favourite local couple. But I guess nobody will know what's happening in their life.

#London #Dayretravel #mandytravellog

Getting ready for the day with my favourite old town white coffee!! Comfort drink makes me happie.

In my black #TaoBao knitted dress! I hope it'll keep me warm for shopping & eating.

All ready to conquer London!

Our corridor!!

The dogs in Europe seems to be more tame than those in SG. They don't bark or charge towards stranger! So here I am, sitting opposite an adorable doggie who sat there quietly looking at us.

This place is too beautiful!!

Hello from Lavender heaven! I tried to make a reservation but they don't allow reservation. Thank God we are here early and there ain't many people yet!

My egg Benedict with orange juice!

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

Primark Shopping!!

I only managed to find the sheep & rabbit hot water bag! So disappointed that this outlet doesn't carry Unicorn or Owl.

So adorable. I love their Disney collaboration.

Went a little crazy at Primark but 1/2 the purchases belongs to our friend's kids. I think we love their children more than them!

Drug store😍! So many items are OOS.

#Adidas NMD but this outlet doesn't have the grey white pink that I want.

There's so many NMD here!

Look what I found! But I'm more keen in NMD!

Then I saw this & got tempted! GBP100, quite worth right? I love the copper gold at the front.

Bigman is aiming this but we decided to go to a few more outlets before deciding which to get. There's so many shoes here & Bigman face just brighten up when he saw them!

We went to take some photo around before we rush home to put down our stuff! I love the simple yet sophisticated & beautiful Christmas lighting along their streets.

Angels flying!!

Took an #OOTD with the angels!

We went to Marks & Spencer to buy some food back and these are for dinner!

We went to the Adidas Original shop in London & I bought this shirt dress at GBP20! The usual price was GBP40 but they are having 50% discount. It's like every shop is having some form of discount!

The Adidas Original London!

The bus is empty! And I get to sit my favourite seat on London bus! I love love love London bus~~

Off to the bridge to wait for the firework! Let's hope I'll be able to endure the cold for 3.5 hours with a tooth pain.

Train stations are slowly closing one by one because of overcrowding at the area. I hope I'll find a little spot for both of us to watch the fireworks!

Found a spot & I'm parking here for the next 2 hours! Let's hope the view will be good.

The cruises which cost GBP350 per pax to take!!

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