Anybody has any must check out Beauty brand in London?

The previous time when I went Bangkok, I spent SGD700 in Sephora with my meimei-in-law! I don't want to bring too much nonsense back from London so hopefully I'll control a little because I always went a little crazy when I see so many brands & can't decide which is better!

Revolution eyeshadow is a MUST but what other brands, I'm a little lost.

Also, I need to find a Chanel shop. Can't believe I've yet to step into one yet.

Novotel Budapest Centrum

Address: Rakoczi ut 43-45 08, Jozsefvaros, Budapest

Anyway, my hotel in Berlin was quite alright but after having stayed in the better one in Munich, I was quite disappointed with this!!

#Dayretravel #mandytravellog #budapest

I have to say, the room is quite big given that we are in Europe but the hotel itself is quite old.

They have an open walk in wardrobe where you can put your clothing there. Can you spot the little door behind me? That's the entrance to toilet!

There's a small cupboard by the door I guess that's for you to sit and wear shoes!

There's a bath tub here too but I'm too tire from the coldness & all the walking. Did not utilize it at all.

#LoveBonito just launched!
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Should I??

Heading down for breakkie!!

Breakfast for today. Decided to take more food to try since they look so delish while Bigman was eating them yesterday.

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

Wearing the scarf that Twinnie gave me on the day I fly. She even had it washed and dry before passing it to me so that I can use it for my trip!

Devastated to find out that the air ticket that I purchased didn't come with any baggages at all!

I went into PANIC mode but no choice, we have to pay for the 45kg in total & it's so so so expensive to purchase it on the spot 😭😭. I think I can buy a bag with the price that we paid. I feel so bad towards Bigman. I asked the counter person why only this reservation is without baggages and she told me it could be system error.

Quickly did a check & for the other flights, we have baggage allowance.

Sigh, I really feel so bad that Bigman has to pay so much for the baggages.

The person at the counter says I can email the airline to check but she say usually they won't bother to reply.

Imagine we paid for 45kg worth of baggages πŸ˜­πŸ’”. I offered to pay half but my very nice Bigman said it's alright. Makes me feel even more bad.

Flight delay which means there goes my plan to chiong shopping at night.

Feeling so bored in the airport when I'm supposed to be on air now heading towards London. There's quite a lot of flight delay for plan heading towards Paris & London!

My flight might be cancel due to the heavy fog in London! Omytian please don't cancel my flight, I want to spend my eve there.

I think the pilot is very brave to step forward, address the crowd, get bombarded & get scolded a little. The people here are quite well-mannered & everybody seem to be helping each other.

We chatted with a few people here & suddenly I feel warmth knowing the people here are friendly & helpful!

But still, what an experience! I know flight delay is common during winter & I experienced it in Milan before but still, sian-ed~~

Given vouchers to redeem some light food & drinks! I pray hard that my flight will fly soon but looking at situation, it seems like a lot of planes have been delayed due to the situation in London!

Finally reach London after all the delays & ordeal. It's very foggy here and we were made to walk in the dark & cold in both Budapest airport & London airport. It's really #ColdDieMe to the maximum.

The plane ride was bad too, the pressure was so bad & my left ear hurts quite badly.

No matter what, I've reached & it's another time zone where it's GMT+1.

We are on an Uber now because after we took the airport express train out, the tube is closed.

Sigh what a long day. I just want to reach my bnb to wash up & sleep.

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