Good morning!

I'm waking up at 5.50am HUF timing, I hope the body clock is adjusting well to the timing here!

I will want to private my Dayre IF

– I allow ALL my followers to read
– I have access to approve or reject followers
– I don't have to pay USD140/year

If Dayre private function is exactly like those on blogspot or WordPress, I would have done it but since there's so much terms & conditions, I'll just leave it as it is for now.

I've only been on this platform for 9 months, as much as I met with some weird incidents, I'm glad to know many of you girls through this platform, especially the LoveBonito group.

I guess we have unknowingly form a LB group here with most of us helping one another in some ways & it's really nice seeing female empowering & helping one another. Of course, they will understand why it's a non-ending love & buying too hahaha, won't you agree?

It's much colder here in Budapest as compared to Munich. I'm not sure how I'll survive the hill top trip with the cruise ride tonight but ya, I'll just layer more for today.

It was quite a crazy walk last night back to our hotel, the temperature drops till negative & the wind was so strong!!

#LoveBonito just launched!
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I saw many rave about this but $55.90!!

I think this dress looks prettie too, this will make a good work dress after I've find a job!!

Is this in store? Anybody tried or seen this??

It's turning cold in Europe. I just checked the temperature & it's -2 in Munich & -1 in London, I hope the temperature won't drop more in London because I'm flying in tmr.

Off for our hotel breakfast! I'm in 3 layers today & I worn my jeans instead of leggings.

#Budapest #Hungary #dayretravel #mandytravellog

Food selection counter! They have a wide variety of food but it's still too early for me to have any appetite.

I love old buildings like this!

Selection for breakfast! I only finished the bowl of cereal & the scrambled eggs.

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

I think I look weird in this beanie but Bigman says that I look good in it. Anyway I need this because it's so cold here~~

All cover up & ready to explore! Can't wait to see the beautiful streets & places in Budapest.


The Budapest central train station!

We don't have any connection outside because the network card that Bigman bought doesn't include Hungary. But it's quite easy to travel around if you do your homework beforehand. All the buses has this screen which will display which station they are all.

On bus to our first stop! Tied up my fringe so that when I take out the beanie, my hair won't be in a mess.

First stop was Hero Square! You can take bus 20E, 30 and 2 other buses from the bus stop outside the central train station to come here.

With the Hero!

Our #Wefie at Hero Square!

Another one!

There is a huge skating ring where people many people were skating. Looks so fun!

Next up was Magyar Mezogazdasagi Museum which is the Hungary Agriculture museum.

The museum looks like a small castle!

Courtyard of the place.

We walked to the park opposite Heroes square and saw this pond with a water fountain. Can you spot the rainbow??

Can you spot the Ducks in the pond!!

These 2 ducks swam around the pond together, we suspected that they are a couple!!

Can you spot the sea gull??!

More birds!!

Flying bird!

Check out this adorable doggie too! He's roaming all over the park on its own.

#OOTD time!

Took another bus & off we go for our next destination!

Crossing one of the main bridge!

Very nice view!

We took the Funicular up to Castle Hill & it's so fun!

View from Castle Hill!

The coldness up here is madness with the strong wind blowing but I love the streets & trees here!!

Unique gothic church over here!

Lunch was at Jamie Italian Budapest!

Rocket with Parmesan cheese!

Truffle Risotto which tasted quite good. I think Bigman enjoys this a lot because Risotto & rice belongs to the same family for him 😂!

Special dish of the day which is a specially created pasta cooked with 4 types of mushroom & cheese!

Look at how long the pasta looks like!

After lunch, we went to the top of Fisherman's Bastion to enjoy the Bird's eye view of Budapest!

I love the photos taken here!

If I were to fall to the other side, I would have fallen to death hahaha! So gorgeous to take photo at & the wind blowing was so strong. I had to act cool even thou I was shivering from the cold~

Hang around the area till 4 plus & the sun has already set by that time! Went back to take more photos.

Beautiful view that we get from the top of the hill.

Beautiful Chain Bridge!

Next up is the River Cruise dinner buffet!

I have to say I don't like Hungary's local cuisine! This is the only round of food we took & I went to get more salad while Bigman took other stuff. Quite disappointed with the food choices.

Only thing that I enjoyed was the live music. The band was so good & I bought their album! I think there is a need to support good music & I'm a huge fan of classical music.

I have the habit to sleep with music on since I'm young, all thanks to Momma! I love to play different type of classical music or instrumental pieces when I'm in bed & they will loop till the next morning. Thank God Bigman ain't a fussy sleeper!!

That's us on the cruise!! I'm looking quite sleepy here~~

Photo taken from the moving cruise! It's so cold on the upper deck!

I gave Bigman this face for him to entertain me because the food was too boring!

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