I glad I managed to sleep from 7.00pm to 5.30am(Germany timing) even thou I woke up quite a few times.

The air is very dry here & I think our body is getting used to the winter weather. Bigman woke up twice in the middle of the night just to boil water using the hotel's flask to create some mist in the air. My throats hurts from the dry air & I hope it'll get used to it soon.

It's 0 degree outside now 😱!

We have a 12hours day tour on later which I'm very excited about but the temperature~~~

Breakfast situation because it's too early(6am) & cold to be out looking for food! My favourite old town coffee with my favourite Nissan Tom Yum maggie mee!

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Cups all over the room to make it less dry but it doesn't help! Let's hope the weather outside will be good.

All ready to go!

Along the streets outside our hotel! It's freezing cold at 2 degree & my face feels so numb!

On the public train to the main station to join the local tour to see the fairy tales royal castles of Neuschwanstein and Linderhof.

The Cinderella castle or rather the Alcázar of Segovia that I saw in Spain looks so beautiful in real life. I'm hoping these 2 castles won't disappoint since they are more popular & famous than Alcázar.

#LoveBonito restock!
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I'm on the coach towards our destination & it so happened that LB restock so I was browsing. Bigman was like, overseas still can online shop. I think he has nothing to say about his shopaholic wife 😬.

The view along the way is so gorgeous that no photos can do any justice to them.

We are in this little town south of Munich by the name Oberammergau where they are famous for their beautifully painted houses.

We went to see a few of those "fairy tale" houses which have fairy tale photos painted on their house.

This is one of them, we are in a moving bus so it's hard to capture the photos!

Story of Hansel & Gretel on the house!

We dropped by a famous Souvenir shop which sells item from Black Forest. I bought something from here to keep for our Christmas tree next year. I love this clocks too but it'll be overly ambitious to bring them around for the rest of the trip.

All the buildings in Oberammergau looks like a piece of art, nicely design & decorated! A pity we only have 45 minutes here & we didn't snap much photos because we went to a famous cafe for their coffee which tasted so-so!

Bigman & I!

Another one before we leave the place.

Next stop was Linderhof which is a 15 minutes drive away.


There is this goose that was roaming around the road up to the castle & the guide told us not to agitate it because it can attack!!

Lake that was frozen on the surface because it's 0 degree out there. When the cold wind blows, I feel like fainting of cold~

The "very cold freezing" face~

Linderhof palace which is known to be called the mini Versailles which I felt lives up to the name. There's only 5-6 rooms which is considered small for a castle. No photos is allowed so nothing much to show.

Another wefie before we start our 25 minutes guided tour!

There is a hotel near Linderhof castle & I think this hotel looks beautiful!

Our main purpose for this place is for Neuschwanstein castle or commonly known as Sleeping Beauty castle or Walt Disney castle.

Firstly, we had to sacrifice lunch so that we can get to the bridge to see the castle from afar.

The journey up to the top takes 8 minutes via the shuttle bus or 55 minutes via walking. Considering that we have to spend 45 minutes walking down, I think taking the bus up will be a wiser choice. All the eateries were full with long queue. The queue for the shuttle bus was mad too so we decided to abort lunch & grab sandwiches while queuing for the bus.

After we reach the top, it's a 5 minutes walk to the overcrowded wooden bridge which felt like it'll break anytime with the overwhelming crowd & movement caused by the crowd.

To be honest, it felt scary to be walking on the bridge especially when one whole stretch of wood felt like it's sinking down! It's basically madness over here but if we don't sacrifice lunch to do this, I won't consider this visit a complete.

After squeezing thru the crowd & patiently waiting to reach the center of the bridge to have a clear view, we were glad we did it because this view is so nice.

Then we spam like mad because this castle looks too beautiful, much better than Cinderella castle at Segovia. Now I know why Walt Disney was so mesmerized by it.

In case you are curious as to how tall the bridge is, this photo shows the depth of it. Quite scary to be looking down thru the space of the wooden plank which made up the bridge.

Managed to take a wefie with the castle!

We had to walk from the bridge to the castle itself for the guided tour. The walk takes us about 10 minutes but we stop along the way to admire the magnificent view & snapped more photos.

From this side of the mountain, we can see the yellow castle which is the oldest castle in Bavaria in which Neuschwanstein castle is located at.

Overseeing beautiful Alpsee lake!

More views!

Front profile of this castle!

The guided tour wasn't a fantastic one. I guess due to the overwhelming visitor that this famous castle gets, it's quite difficult to do a detailed tour of it.

Spotted the poor horse pulling the horse carriage. I told Bigman they look so poor thing having to do so much hard work in this coldness.

Beautiful view that greeted us on our 40 minutes walk down from the castle! It's quite mad to walk down from the top of the mountain but it's quite an experience & I'm glad we decided to do this!

Dinner was at Macdonald because I'm so sick of pork.

This is the special premium beef burger which tasted really good!!

They have the monopoly game happening too but the stickers are pasted on the items. So for 2 set meals, we will get 6 coupons.

How it looks like!

After we are back in Munich city, it was already 7ish & the closing hour is 8pm. I didn't have much time to shop so I only bought these 2.

The skin on my cuticles are peeling & bleeding due to dryness so I needed a hand cream. This Crabtree & Evelyn hand lotion cost me EUR7 which I felt is worth the price as compared to many other brands that I've never seen before. Bought the new Mineral mask to try too because it has been discontinued.

Managed to grab this set of 3 pure aroma oil made & imported from Australia at Eur9.90 which I felt is quite cheap compared to those that I'm buying from Mt Sapola!

From the Sleeping Beauty castle! This woody looks too beautiful not to buy it home.

Bought an Angel home from our first stop too!

I told Bigman I want a white big Christmas tree for Christmas gift next year. I'm slowly collecting the decorations from last year. I can't wait to get a house & have our first Christmas there.

I think I miss this! In the past when the people here doesn't learn to read & write, their "sign board" of every small town will look like this. The pole of white & blue will be at the entrance of the town. On it will be pictures to indicate what they have & people will have to decide if they are interested to enter the town! Quite cool right?

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