Transiting at Zurich airport!

It's 6am GMT+1 now!

I had quite a good rest on the plane even thou I woke up quite a few times. Really appreciate the extra leg space which makes sleeping on plane more comfortable.

It's 0 degree in Zurich now & I did a check, it's the same temperature in Munich too. The temperature on Christmas Day was 9 degree, should have flew here right after the hectic wedding to enjoy the 9 degree.

I love this screen as compared to those that are fixed onto the chairs. The flexibility to turn it to any angle is a plus point but as usual, I'm 20 minutes into my first movie after "dinner" at 1am(SG timing), I fell asleep. I didn't even know when Bigman helped me to keep this.

This is the breakfast that was served. I think I need to stop looking at SG timing & get used to GMT+1.

I suffered major jet lag in Europe during my previous 2 winter trip & it felt so hard to stay awake at night. KOR & my girlies had to use shopping to entice me to follow them around at night.

Too miserable & I kept telling them I have Seasonal Affect Depression or I labeled it as Winter Depression!

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties #mandytravellog #dayretravel

We flew over the beautiful city of Salzburg, one of my favourite city & the temperature outside was -86degree. It's a super crazy temperature & I open up my window shade to find small frozen ice bites on the window.

Beautiful sky when we flew from Zurich to Munich!

Spotted the first Christmas market but it's close because it's PH here at Europe!

The temperature now is 7 degree, I'm surviving on merino wool, a shirt & my Adidas Sweatshirt! I'm surprised that I don't feel as cold as I did previously!

First meal: Mac breakkie. Big breakfast & sausage egg macmuffin tasted like those in SG but the nan-look-alike spread with chocolate taste so delish!!!!

And the coffee, it tasted so much nicer than SG's version!

I take back my word about doing well and not feeling cold. Once we are done with breakkie, we came out to take photo and when the wind blows, omytian!!

Our first wefie in Europe!

Bought the tickets to our hotel. It's a straight train ride of 45 minutes and cost us EUR11.50 each.

My beauty stuff that I brought along! I hope I'm not the only one that brings so much stuff overseas.


I plan to shop today but shops are close due to Boxing Day!


Room view! I have to say I'm very surprise by how big & spacious the room is. It's hard to pay such price & get a big room!

Wearing my Cape Shawl from #JackWills!

With my down jacket! Let's hope 5 layers like this will last me for tonight.

Ready to explore!


Address: Platzl 9, 80331, Munich, Bavaria, Germany

First meal of the day at a famous oldish German pub!

I love the interior of the restaurant!

There is a live band playing 2-3 songs every 15 minutes & this added to the atmosphere of this pub!

We were a little lost on how to go about getting a table & order food because there's too many people!

You can walk in & get any empty table, if you speak English only, look for the English menu & look for waiter/waitress who speaks English.

Beer is served very quickly but the average waiting time for food is 15-20 minutes.

Signature logo!

We ordered the Hofb Original beer which cost us EUR8.40 for 1 liter. I'm not a beer person but I stole quite a bit of this from Bigman because it tasted far better than those in SG.

Look at how happie he is with his beer!

I love the old-school menu!!

Ordered a small salad at Eur4.50 which I felt is quite expensive because the bowl is really small!

Ordered Four homemade pork fried sausages too! I'm not a pork person and I don't really like German sausages to begin with.

Bigman finds them nice so it can't be too bad right? EUR7.90 for this!

This suckling pig with some weird potato chewy ball tasted really good but still, the suckling pig in Spain is the best I've tasted.

Eur14.50 for a small piece like this is a little expensive but I think it's cheaper than those in SG.

After we are done with this meal, we went to take a stroll around the area even thou ALL(including supermarket) the shopping shops are closed. I guess the only shops that are open are those selling food.

Did I mention that the washroom in train station cost EUR1.00 per visit! Toilet visits are expensive in Europe~

Spotted unique mentors to try.

We went back to hotel to rest at 5.00pm local time because there's really nothing much to see. Worn my reindeer socks which I got from Hong Kong last month at H&M.

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