Merry Christmas! Flying off to Europe in 23 hours time but first let me sleep & attend Christmas service first!

Woke up with a slight blocked nose! I guess my body is protesting that I'm not getting enough rest.

Bigman heard my blocked nose making noise and he on our diffuser with eucalyptus essential oil at 7am!

By the time I'm up at 8am, my nose felt so much better. Essential oil works well for me!

Wearing my #ASOS dress for Christmas service.

It's very heartwarming to receive another shawl that's washed & ready to be used for my trip! Felt so much love from my girlfriends.

#OOTD for today!! I'll miss all my off shoulder dresses & shorts for the next 3 weeks.

My #LoveBonito Zosia Lace Asymmetrical Top was delivered yesterday while I'm in the wedding!

Thank God it reaches me before I fly because I was worried about the PTP! Took size S and it fits nicely. I love the color & lace too.

How the back looks like! This is definitely a keeper because even Bigman who doesn't like lace stuff commented that this is nice!

I'm finally done with all my packing but I don't feel like I'm in a holiday mood at all. I guess the wedding makes me very lethargic & I can't wait to sleep on the plane tonight!

Ready to head out to the airport! I'm wearing my merino wool inner wear inside & Bigman calls me crazy.

I'm too lazy to change in the airport or even on plane. Can they let me sleep 12 hours straight to my destination??!

Hand carry for the 12hours flight! I love this travel size #Longchamp bag, it has been my favourite since I bought it at a very reasonable price in Paris 3 years ago!

Tire & makeup less happie face!!



It's Pikachu all over the place in airport! I think axel boy will love it if he's in the transit area.

Waiting to board plane!! Think I look very tire without any makeup at all. Let's hope I'll wake up with no eye bag!!

I love this premium seat with extra leg space! My long legs can stretch out straight and the seats are so comfy.

All ready to fly!!

See you all in 11 hours time~~

#dayretravel #mandytravellog

Very ready to sleep~~

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