#TsumTsum Day 20!

I love the Christmas tree hat on it!

Rest In Peace my poor Guerlain loose powder 😭

#LoveBonito just launched their Gift Shop!

Worn #LoveBonito white shirt dress out & I'm loving it a lot!

Finally came here to try their food. I was invited for their media event but couldn't make it as the date clashes with another appointment.

What greeted us on the table!

Pompompurin enjoying Mango Paradise!!

My rice with red wine sauce stew beef which tasted not bad. I wasn't expecting the food to be as nice as this.

Bigman's dish! The hamburger is a small piece & he wasn't full after this. The rice tasted a little weird but I guess we both doesn't like such rice.

With my food!

#dayrefatties #dayrefoodie

After lunch, we dropped by #LoveBonito & the store was quite full even at 2.45pm!

Tried this romper in S & it fits nicely. It's not sheer at all with the thick material. There's pockets too!

Tried this dress too! S fits with zero allowance & it's very bodycon on me.

Tried this toga dress too! Too red for my liking. Another bodycon dress which is totally not suitable for after a heavy lunchπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚! Think this dress doesn't look nice on me hahaha!

Took #OOTD too!!

Went to collect the hamper that I won from Savour 2016!

Won a $30 voucher for Savour2017 & this hamper set.

I'm not a fan of staycation so we don't have the luxury to use bathtub that often. But for this Europe trip, I want to enjoy & relax.

So The sua-ku me stepped into Lush & bought their bath bomb & bubble bars! I'm spoilt for choice but when the SA mention that this is the Christmas limited edition bath bomb whereby there will be star confetti in the water after it dissolved, I'm totally sold & bought it!

The SA recommended bubble bars to create bubbles. This is a reusable bubble bar which can be used up to 2 or 3 times. Bought this magic wand since we bought the melody bath bomb from HK.

I'm so excited to try them out!! Let's hope I won't be addicted to them because they are so expensive. Bigman paid a total of SGD37 for these 2. I hope we will be able to find Lush in Europe & it'll be cheaper there than SG!

Went for the Ginseng chicken soup near our house & it's so delish!

Bigman went to buy extra ingredients of my favourite food! I think per plate of vegetable at SGD3.00 is quite expensive for a small portion!!

Forgotten about my #NYX Day 20!


The color for today!

We(or rather I) move our butt & started packing for the 3 weeks Winter Europe trip! I'll usually start my packing way in advance but for this trip, I'm taking the chill pill for all the planning & packing.

It's a good start to finish 20% of the packing & I think bigman's vacuum pack & his mini vacuum are going to aid me in saving a lot of space.

I felt that I don't have enough clothing to bring over for this trip so I tell myself, just buy whatever that is needed over there.

I have the intention to bring the whole Primark back πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ŠπŸ™Š!

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