Celebrated Christmas in advance with Bigman since we will be in church in the morning & flying off to Europe at night.

We had a simple game for this year's Christmas gift.

We headed down to Parkway Parade because I wanted to take a photo with MooMin. We were given 30 minutes to go around the mall & get a gift that cost exactly SGD16.00 since our celebration is on the 16th.

It was challenging to get gift for him worth SGD16 since there isn't much stuff at Parkway Parade. It doesn't help that I'm not familiar with the mall or shops there.

I bought him an Uniqlo tee shirt with his favorite vanilla ice cream & 2 pens. I used the pen to write a Christmas message for him using the receipt!

He bought me my favourite honey sweet, different flavors of Listerine to try & a necklace from Lovisa.

I appreciate how he's willing to do silly things like this & made the effort to buy my favourite items for me!

Just a simple Christmas celebration with no lavish gift, at least I didn't spend much even thou he gotten me a new iPhone as a surprise!

Thanks for making me a happie #dayrewives by spending time & doing silly things like this!!

Up early to go elsewhere before heading for a Christmas lunch. Wearing #Fashmob babydoll romper today because the lunch theme is green or red!

#NYX Day 17!


Yayness that it's lippie day!

Worn the color out today!

Christmas celebration now!!

Bought Gula Melaka cake from Kor's cafe for the Christmas party & I'm glad that everybody love it.

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

Received my #AForArcade dress & I love it a lot.

The dress is lined & the material is slightly structured. Love the cut of this dress & how it's not too low for my discomfort.

Going to pair this with a pair of heels & I'm ready for the wedding dinner next Saturday!

#TsumTsum Day 17!

I almost hyperventilated when I opened this up. It's finally Eeyore???!

Hello #Eeyore! I've finally found you😍.

I love Eeyore's ribbon!!

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