After I bathed, I walked into the room & saw another gift on my table! I didn't think much about it.

Omygosh! I wasn't expecting any big items from him since he has paid for the whole Europe trip as a Christmas & birthday gift for me. He's paying for quite a lot of things too so I'm not asking for anything.

Iphone7 128gb in rose gold!

I was so HAPPIE to throw my iphone6 away & upgrade to this. To be honest, it has been 3 years with my iPhone6. After the battery episode, it has hanged plenty of times daily & it's quite annoying.

I'm not a tech person so I don't change my phone that often or what still even it has become so annoying.

I love love love this surprise!

I think my husband has spoilt me rotten 😂😂!!!!

We spent 3 hours importing my stuff from my old phone to the new one. Poor big man has to survive on 4 hours of sleep at work now.

Anyway, I'm really thankful & blessed to have him. He makes me a very blessed #dayrewives not just due to the material stuff that he has given me. To me, the effort taken & willingness to do all these touches me more than material stuff. I mean after being married for 5 years & together for almost a decade, I'm just thankful for all these.

#NYX Day 15!


Lippie Day!

First selfie with my new phone & trying out today's lippie color!!

I'm very much in love with my new phone. Big man was choosing between iPhone 7 & 7plus. Glad he made the choice for the smaller version because my hands are quite small & I don't like my phone to be too big.

And I think I look so tire here. Came home late & spent the next few hours doing up my new phone.

Wearing #Fayth romper out again. I can't wait for the lunch appointment to be over so that I can come home for an afternoon nap before meeting another friend for Christmas followed by the wake again!

#TsumTsum Day 15!

It's Pluto TsumTsum!

Change to another new lippie color. I think with the NYX advert calendar, I don't need to buy lippie anymore.

For a Christmas dinner with the theme of tutu skirt! Been a while since I worn any.

Loving the lippie!!

Christmas celebration continues at Valentino!

Love the setting of this place, reminded me of Europe!

They have one of the most atas toilet!

Rocket salad with Parmesan cheese! I love anything with rocket or Parmesan. Can't wait to have more of these in Europe.

Rock melon with Parma ham!

#dayrefatties #dayrefoodie

Seafood fresh tomato soup which tasted quite nice & the seafood are very fresh too!

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