#Tsumtsum Day 11

Opening up to another TsumTsum!

So adorablešŸ˜

#NYX day 11!


Lippie day, this color looks good!

Wearing another favourite romper from #TheClosetLover and my Furla bag!

We made a racing track out of papers. So much fun & I'm glad the little man enjoyed himself out of something so simple.

Christmas presents are up! We are starting our Family's Christmas celebration.

Our Christmas dinner!!

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

Our sparkling grapes & apple juice!

Christmas decoration is up too after our half day of hardwork.

#ASOS 20% off again! I'm still waiting for my second order from them but I'm feeling tempted to purchase from them again!

#Adidas slip on in Pink! So tempted but it'll be very hard to maintain right?

It'll be about SGD93 after 20% off & conversion!


Tempted to get this too! SGD31 after discount & conversion.

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