Both shows that I've been watching has ended with their last episodes tonight. I stayed up just to watch them & the saddest part is that both shows have a sad ending.

Why must it be sad ending??

#NYX Day 10!


Lippie day!

#TsumTsum day 10!

Another ??

I have no idea what this is but I guess I'll figure it out when the whole set is open?

Wearing my #ASOS dress today!

Worn the dress with my leather jacket!

This lazy bum is on a cab again to my destination! I think the lazy worm in me has resurrected & it's a bad thing.

Here at Singapore Fashion Runway to support <Fashion for a Social Cause>!

Yip Pin Xiu looking really good in this outfit & with makeup.

Theresa Goh looking cool in this outfit too!

Changing into something fashionable!!

They have other clothing by local designers which are being showcased as well. I love this mother-daughter outfit a lot.

I love this unique skirt a lot too, look so stunning from the back.

This is the "HDB" series! The little boy on the right is such a charmer. He actually winks at Shine when he's doing his first set of showcase.

Seeing 3 generations doing catwalk together!

Took some #OOTD too!!

Another OOTD!

Searched the whole Orchard from Isetan & eventually making our way to Scape just to find Axel's Pikachu!

I hope my darling will smile when he open up & see this Pikachu. Gugu & Guzhang went around to a lot of places just to get this.

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