#TsumTsum Day 9!

This looks exciting!

This is tooooo adorable!

Little mermaid Ariel TsumTsum!

From another view! By far the cutest in the whole box.

#NYX day 9!


Eyeshadow day again!!

Gold shimmer for today!

Wearing pleated top from #LoveBonito!

Then I changed into this dress which I've totally forgotten about. Initially I wanted to head home after Isetan private sales but decided I'm too lazy to rush back to put down my stuff & change for a bday dinner. So I'll just carry my stuff out till I meet with BIGMAN.

#LoveBonito just launched!
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Takiyaki ball, my must have at Isetan private sales. There used to be a shop in ION selling really delish Takoyaki but I think they have closed down. Since then, I can't find any that's as nice as this except for Isetan.

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

The crowd at Isetan is crazy! There's so many good discount for the toys but it's too heavy for me to carry alone. I want to buy so many things for the little ones but can't ☹️.

This Lancome set cost SGD216. I know the price can't be compared to the private sales but it's considered cheap if you compare it with retail price. Should I get a set to keep since I'm using their products now??

And this set from Estée Lauder, SGD99.00 only with everything display. So tempted!

Shopping is too intensive so I took a break with watermelon juice in the fruit bar counter. Can my BIGMAN come quickly? There's so many things that I want to get but feels too lazy & heavy to carry around.

Came out of the sales at SGD200💸💸. Resisted a lot of items and thank God I survived with not much damage.

Levis jeans was at 50% off, minimum 2 pairs but they ran out of my size. It's quite a good deal but honestly, I don't need any new jeans looking at how underutilized my existing ones are!!

Wanted to head down to Michael Kors to punch more holes for my bag but I don't have enough time & now I'm rushing off for din-din! Think BIGMAN & my friends will be shock by my shopping bag again.

No time for Chanel too, I'm thinking about the midnight blue short wallet, let's hope it won't be OOS any time soon!

Arnold's chicken for dinner! So sinful & fattening 😭

Another #Eeyore added to my collection!

Some issues are on my mind & it set me thinking when I saw this quote. I no longer write as openly as I did in the past & I don't share that much as well.

Anyway, perhaps I'm tire of it & it's time for a time out? In the first place, I don't find or see myself fitting into a space or frequency like this.

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