Essential oils are a huge part of our live. I love Lavender & Eucalyptus the most & I told BIGMAN in future when we have our own home, I want to fill my whole house with diffuser.

Anybody has any other brand or oil flavour to recommend?


Dropped by #LoveBonito yesterday after we went to see the Christmas decoration with mini Twinnie.

Tried this upcoming top. S fits with a lot of allowance. The top is lined & not sheer at all but I don't quite like this kind of material.

The arm hole is quite big & my bra are exposing. I think if I'm not careful when wearing this, you can peep from the side into my bra & all.

This dress was launched yesterday. S fits nicely at PTP but the skirt area is slightly loose. The dress is not sheer at all & I think the baby blue is quite a nice color. Personally, I don't think the material is worth $42.

After seeing so many girls looking good in this, decided to give it a try too. Sadly, I can't take this cutting. Makes me look fat.

Remember this white shirt dress? Tried it on again & BIGMAN bought this for me because he says this looks good on me.

#NYX day 7!


Black lippie 😑

Colors that I've gotten from the advert calendar so far.

Swatch of the lippie! I wanna try one of those for tmr.

#TsumTsum Day 7 too!

So tiny & consume by the plastic wrapper 😂😂.

#LoveBonito just launched!
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Gotten a cutie tiny meow meow!!

Small & Tiny!!

Normal size with the small & tiny! Can't wait to open all & play with them.

Bought this home to try & I finished off the whole packet! This is my favourite cup noodle & I love how the chips tasted exactly like the cup noodle! Delish~~

In the afternoon, I went to the gym & finally got on the thread mill to do some running again!! Need to burn some fats from all the feasting.

4km at 33 minutes, very lousy timing but not bad given that I've not done any running in 2 months.

Can't wait to have more Christmas celebration soon before we fly off. There's Isetan private sales on Friday which I'll be heading down to hunt for more pressie.

Durian for supper, so sinful!!

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