#NYX Day Five


Lippie for today's surprise. I quite like the color of this. Shall find a day to do the swatch for the 3 lippies that I have.

Perhaps I shall try this tmr, been wanting a shade like this!!

#TsumTsum Day 5!

I'm quite excited about opening up this big box with BIGMAN!

When I saw this, BIGMAN said a few sentences of comfort like how everything will fall in place nicely after I open everything, this might be an important piece for some of the TsumTsum……

I'm not sure what this is😅

This is how the whole advert calendar is supposed to look. You'll have different figurines to play around with.

So I took out the 3 figurines and stack them up! I'm quite excited about tmr because I have a feeling, it'll be something which will make me go gaga about!

Wearing #TheClosetLover basic top with #TaoBao vest & carrying my Furla bag!

Look who I have with me for today!

Managed to snap #OOTD ✌🏻️

Magic show at Pororo land for Zayne's second birthday!

From #LoveBonito weekly staple!

This looks good too!

And this too!!

Photo with Pororo & yes, I need to trim my fringe!!

Spotted this #LittlePony balloon too!

Happie birthday Zayne & Stella!

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