Since Saturday 8am till now! I've officially burst my mobile data(which is non-Singtel) for this month ☹️😭.

My internet is up!!

It's actually not that bad when wifi is down. I listened to the Jazz albums in my phone while surfing net & enjoyed my chillax Saturday evening alone at home.

#TsumTsum DAY4! Too lazy to type so much.

When I push open the flap, it was such a tiny figurine that I thought it was empty!

I ended up with a tiny meow meow today.

#NYX day 4!


It's eyeshadow for today~~

Design for today's NYX advert calendar.

Shade for today's surprise!!

Shade of the eyeshadow which I don't really fancy!

Worn out this #LoveBonito bell sleeve romper with my #FashMob clutch!

Starting my Christmas 2016 with my god-son & his parents!

We had steamboat for Xmas!! I can have steamboat all day long~~

#dayrefatties #dayrefoodie

The very sweet choo-family got me a set of customized Lego set. Felt a little bad that the gifts are all Shan's favourite. Going to makeup for the daddy on Friday!

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